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How To Protect Your Windows Against Condensation

16th January 2018

Condensation is a real problem in many households during the autumn and winter seasons. It’s unsightly and potentially damaging in a number of ways when left and ignored. Mould and damp can eventually occur and this can cause inhabitants to suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. Any aggressive mould and damp can even cause...

Modern Or Traditional - Which Replacement Window Style Best Suits Your Home?

10th January 2018

We don’t envy anyone who is currently in the middle of sourcing a suitable replacement window for their home as there’s so many different window styles available and choosing the right one isn’t easy. Your decision should be based on several factors, including the level of thermal efficiency provided by any replacement window design. You...

4 Ways To Maximise Your Property's Value With Clearview

8th January 2018

Moving house may not be on your agenda for 2018, but circumstances can sometimes very quickly change and you may find yourself trying to sell up this year or at some point in the future. Whether that happens or not, you should be continuously exploring ways of enhancing your home as doing so will often...

What Is A FENSA Accreditation? Jargon Buster

13th December 2017

When shopping around for home improvement companies, you may have come across the FENSA logo frequently used on their website. Do you know what it means? If not, we advise you to read up on it, because it is extremely important. Here at Clearview, we are proud to be a well-established FENSA Registered Member. If...

Try Before You Buy And See Our Quality Products In A Showroom Near You

7th December 2017

When you’re spending money on high priced items, like conservatories, you want to make sure that you understand all the relevant information, and have seen it physically to make sure it’s right for you. If you’re struggling to choose the best conservatory for your home, then why not pop into one of our North West...

How To Heat Your Conservatory Effectively In Winter

21st November 2017

Conservatory owners should be very excited about the prospect of utilising their home extension over the festive and New Year periods, but they won’t be if it provides insufficient thermal efficiency. Thousands of old conservatories are left unoccupied at this time of year because as temperatures drop outside, so does the internal temperature within ageing...

Your Guide To The Best Colours For A Modern Front Door

16th November 2017

Your front door is one of the first things that people notice when they’re walking towards your property – it therefore needs to look part if you want to leave them suitably impressed. Underwhelmed by the current appearance of your front door? It’s time to make a change and exchange it for a newer model...

5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

19th October 2017

Next Saturday (October 28th) marks the official end of British Summer Time and sees the clocks go back an hour. Turning back the clocks will obviously result in fewer daylight hours and this may give thieves motivation to try and break into your home during the added hours of darkness. To raise awareness of home...

Is It Normal To Have White Residue Form On My New Extension?

9th October 2017

Clearview Home Improvements is renowned for the exceptional quality of our products and the outstanding standard of installation provided to each and every customer. This of course applies to our extensive range of home extensions; however, we do make customers aware at the outset of the possibility of white residue becoming evident on the brickwork...

Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round – Old Roof Off, New Roof On

4th October 2017

Many conservatory owners will be dreading the arrival of winter if they know that their home extension provides insufficient insulation. Once the cold gets hold of a conservatory that no longer offers consistently good thermal performance it’s impossible to use, that’s unless you’re happy to wear several layers of clothing indoors! A solution to the...

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