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Why You Should Invest In An Orangery

19th July 2017

The “improving not moving” trend shows no signs of slowing as UK homeowners spurn relocating for revamping their existing abode. One of the most preferred forms of home improvement is extending living space via either a conservatory or orangery. Many would argue that adding a suitably designed thermally efficient orangery to your home is the...

Clearview’s Showroom Showcase

11th July 2017

The Clearview journey for many of our customers begins by them viewing our website. The inevitable next step is to then pay a visit to one of our showrooms – we have three of them regionally. Our spacious luxury indoor showrooms are located in Nantwich, Preston and Warrington where seven days a week we showcase...

Extend Your Home In Time For Summer With Clearview

8th June 2017

Summer is just around the corner and many thousands of conservatory owners will be retreating to their respective extensions to embrace the warm weather. Do you feel a tinge of jealousy at the thought of those people having the luxury of an extra room during our hottest season? If the answer is “yes” we suggest...

Your Funding Options At Clearview

23rd May 2017

Replacement windows and doors will be top of the wish lists of thousands of UK homeowners this summer as they will immediately reinvigorate the aesthetics of any home. But a major stumbling block will put off many of these homeowners from realising this ambition – money! We won’t lie. Buying new windows and doors requires a decent...

Is Triple Glazing Really Better Than Double Glazing?

13th April 2017

It is a debate that has raged on ever since triple glazing was made more widely available in the UK, after previously being the preserve of colder countries like those within Scandinavia. One thing we can all definitely agree on is that triple glazing is more expensive to buy than double glazing, but is it worth...

Why Choose A Regional Home Improvement Company?

13th March 2017

There’s a significant number of home improvement companies to choose from and deciding on the best one for your new single storey lifestyle extension, orangery, conservatory or brand new energy efficient windows and doors can be difficult and even sometimes overwhelming. The key points to consider when choosing the right company for you and your...

Demystifying The Different Window Styles Available

24th February 2017

It’s difficult to know where to start when choosing new replacement windows for your home as there’s such a plethora of window styles available nowadays. Some window styles suit certain properties more so than others and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which design will suit the architectural style of the house and offer...

The Secure Benefits & Features Of Composite Doors

9th February 2017

Traditionally, doors were made from timber as it was the most readily available material for door craftsmanship. To begin with, timber doors would offer immense durability and security, but as time progressed and when continuously exposed to the elements, the wood’s initial strength would gradually dwindle. It was to the relief of some that in...

Part Two - Top 10 double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them

3rd January 2017

Here’s part two of our ‘top ten sales techniques to look out for, and avoid at all cost’. If you’re shopping for double glazing, don’t fall foul of these typical sales techniques.  6. Using finance (credit) to reduce the selling price or offer cashback  Most companies have a credit facility offering customers a number of...

Part One - Top 10 double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them

20th December 2016

If you’ve held off on upgrading your home with double glazing until the sales in the hope of bagging a bargain, you might want to read our ‘ultimate guide to double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them’. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a pushy salesman, or been faced with a...

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