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Should I Invest In Triple Glazing?

19th April 2018

Ever since we began offering triple glazed products to customers, people have been curious to know whether triple glazing is a gimmick or worth the investment. It’s definitely not a gimmick; otherwise we would refuse to stock it! In our opinion, we strongly believe that if you can afford the cost of triple glazing, you...

How To Improve Your Conservatory

12th April 2018

We bet when you first walked into your conservatory after it had been constructed, accessorised and furnished that it gave you a massive rush of adrenaline. Do you get that same feeling now? If you honestly don’t, recapturing that feeling is far from impossible; you just need to improve the space. It’s a great time...

Why Solid Roofs Are A Growing Trend

9th April 2018

Solid roofs have become a big selling product for home improvement specialists like us in recent times as conservatory owners look to make their extension habitable in all weathers. Thousands of conservatories sit empty during the summer and winter months as they offer insufficient thermal efficiency, causing their interiors to feel disproportionately warm or cold...

Do I Need Planning Permission?

5th April 2018

This question should immediately cross your mind when you are thinking about investing in a conservatory or orangery and having it added to your home. Ignoring or being oblivious to planning permission could really come back to bite you when it shouldn’t do. When a customer comes to Clearview and expresses an interest in any...

Invest In An Orangery In Time For Summer

19th March 2018

This seemingly never-ending winter is making us eagerly countdown to summer and look ahead to better weather at a time of year when it’s a real convenience to have an orangery installed. When the sun is beating down and temperatures hot up you will find yourself itching to get inside its glamourous surrounds as orangery...

Extend Your Front Entrance With A Porch

12th March 2018

Growing your home doesn’t necessarily have to involve adding a conservatory or converting the loft as you could always integrate a porch into your entranceway. UPVC or aluminium porches can come in various sizes and it’s largely stress-free getting one as most porches are considered to be a “permitted development” which avoids the need for...

Why You Should Invest In A Conservatory From Clearview This Summer

7th March 2018

The super snowy days some of us experienced last week may make summer seem a million miles away but it will be here before you know it and why not see it in from the gorgeous surrounds of a conservatory. Conservatories are big sellers in the run-up to summer and you can easily understand why...

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing: The Right Windows For You

5th March 2018

Single glazed windows ruled the roost in the world of windows until double glazed came on the scene and stole its thunder, something that triple glazing is somewhat doing to double glazing nowadays. You would struggle to get triple glazed windows in the UK until a few years ago as it was traditionally reserved for...

Why Choose Clearview Home Improvements For Your Project?

19th February 2018

One of the toughest tasks you have as a homeowner when looking to purchase replacement windows or a brand new lifestyle extension is choosing a trustworthy home improvement company. It’s always worth speaking to family and friends to see if there’s a particular firm that they would recommend and when doing so you’re likely to...

Interior Design Ideas For Your Conservatory

13th February 2018

When space is harder and harder to come by at your home and you’re desperate for more it, a conservatory is a definite answer to your problems. A newly installed conservatory is a total blank canvas where you can really stamp your personality just like you will have done in the rest of the house....

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