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I Want To Fit A Solid Roof To My Conservatory, Do I Need Planning Permission?

18th September 2017

There is a definite chill in the air as we inch ever closer to the winter months, especially if you have walked into your existing conservatory with its old roofing system. In all likelihood, the roof will have ceased providing the thermal efficiency needed to keep the interior warm and you will feel very noticeable...

Best home improvements to update your 1970s home

5th September 2017

With properties built in the 1970s being a common and popular home, many are looking to add a new lease of life to their property but what is the best home improvement? What style is appropriate? What will add value to the property? Luckily for those who own properties constructed in the 1970s the notion...

Inspiration: Porches

30th August 2017

A porch installation may seem a fairly insignificant home improvement measure to some people, but those who own one usually find them invaluable and wonder how they ever coped without it. The pricelessness of a porch is unquestionable when you factor in a couple of the primary ways it can be utilised: A storage point...

Transform Your Conservatory Into A New Garden Room

17th August 2017

It can be hugely frustrating when your old conservatory no longer provides the thermal efficiency needed in the summer and winter months as there is no enjoyment to be had from spending long periods in an extension that feels like an oven or icy cold.   All is not lost though! Sustained thermal efficiency can...

Triple Glazing - Windows That Keep Out Noise?

10th August 2017

Triple glazing was formerly the preserve of extremely cold countries like those in Scandinavia, but in recent years it has become widely available in Britain.   Hundreds of UK window and door suppliers now stock triple glazed products in their respective ranges, including us, and most sell it under the premise that triple glazing will...

Solid Roof, Conservatory Or Orangery? Which Will Suit Your Property?

8th August 2017

Home extensions have risen in popularity in recent years. There are a number of motivating factors that may cause a householder to invest in a solid roof structure, conservatory or orangery: They’re stuck on the property ladder and unable to afford a new house Space in their home is increasingly sparse They’re comfortable where they...

Inspiration: Conservatory

31st July 2017

We appreciate that purchasing a conservatory will be one of the biggest home investments you will ever make. So that your investment pays off, it is important to choose a conservatory design that ticks each of the following boxes: Offers enduring appeal Complements your property – this requires the right choice of finish and style...

Why You Should Invest In An Orangery

19th July 2017

The “improving not moving” trend shows no signs of slowing as UK homeowners spurn relocating for revamping their existing property. One of the most preferred forms of home improvement is extending living space via either a conservatory or orangery. Many would argue that adding a suitably designed thermally efficient orangery to your home is the...

Clearview’s Showroom Showcase

11th July 2017

The Clearview journey for many of our customers begins by them viewing our website. The inevitable next step is to then pay a visit to one of our showrooms – we have three of them regionally. Our spacious luxury indoor showrooms are located in Nantwich, Preston and Warrington where seven days a week we showcase...

Extend Your Home In Time For Summer With Clearview

8th June 2017

Summer is just around the corner and many thousands of conservatory owners will be retreating to their respective extensions to embrace the warm weather. Do you feel a tinge of jealousy at the thought of those people having the luxury of an extra room during our hottest season? If the answer is “yes” we suggest...

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