3 Home Improvement Projects You Should Think Twice About Doing

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

In January, we published a blog post about home trends for 2021 to give you an insight into some of the fashionable ways you can improve your property this year. 

The aforementioned blog post can be viewed here.

This month, we are turning our focus to home improvement projects that we advise you to think very carefully about before you go and implement them, so that you don’t do anything that ends up harming your home’s current valuation. 

These 3 ‘improvements’ have the potential to come back to haunt you:

Reducing the number of bedrooms

It’s such a waste of space if you have a bedroom sitting empty for months or years on end. You may not want to bring in a lodger and decide to turn the bedroom into something else entirely. 

There’s no issue with doing this, so long as the option remains to convert it back into a bedroom at some point in the future. 

A permanent reduction in bedrooms is not advisable as moving from a 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom house will trigger a reduction in sale value.


Re-carpeting every single room

The smell and feel of new carpets is an undeniable pleasure, and much-needed when you have a carpeted area covered in immovable stains and marks. 

But it’s a gamble to re-carpet the whole house with the same design as it may not be to the taste of certain buyers and they possibly won’t fancy the idea of having to replace flooring in every single room at their own personal cost. 

Just replace carpeting in rooms as and when it’s required.

Carpeted area

Removing your lawn

We’ve had a really close affinity to our gardens over the last 12 months – being near nature has been a huge help. 

So it would make little sense at this, or any other time, to be having your lawn either removed or covered in some way so that you’re not having to cut it every couple of weeks. 

A high-maintenance lawn can always be replaced with an artificial lawn, and it shouldn’t have any negative effect on your property’s price tag.

Garden swing

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