Part Two – Top 10 double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them

Here’s part two of our ‘top ten sales techniques to look out for, and avoid at all cost’. If you’re shopping for double glazing, don’t fall foul of these typical sales techniques. 

6. Using finance (credit) to reduce the selling price or offer cashback 

Most companies have a credit facility offering customers a number of finance options or ‘products’ to help finance their home improvement in the form of deferred payment, interest free or interest bearing loan.

Some blatantly misuse their credit facility to inappropriately manipulate customers into buying their products, breaching FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) rules.  

A company or their salesman should never manipulate a customer to use their credit options because they ought to act in their clients best interests. 

Unfortunately, there are some who do whatever they can to walk away with ‘the sale’.  This might include reducing their ‘selling’ price if you use their finance. They may even offer you a ‘cash back’ reward.  This is financial misconduct and a breach of the company’s ‘duty of care’ under consumer law. 

Reputable companies would not seek to make a commission on a customer’s loan agreement.  Instead they offer finance options to assist you with the purchase, if it suits.  

7. Over selling or overcharging for windows

Some salesmen will endeavour to obtain a ‘price expectation’ or ‘budget’ from you as this information is ‘gold dust’.  They will misuse this information to give you a price inline or above your expectation which, if you agree to it, overcharges you.  

A trustworthy company will encourage you to obtain multiple quotes to substantiate their product quality, great customer service and competitive prices.

 8. Denigrating the competition…

This is another classic of the ‘Wibbly Wobbly Windows’ salesmen who struggle to secure your business on their own company’s merits. 

You have to ask yourself, should you trust a company that operates with such a poor sales strategy?  Thoroughly research a company before you choose to work with them, look at up-to-date customer reviews and find out if they have done any work for homeowners in your area. 

A good company with nothing to hide would ordinarily allow you to speak to their local customers.

9. Misguiding with over emphasis on particular features like ‘window energy ratings’ (WER’s)…

A top grade energy efficient window purchase loses all impetus if it’s not fitted properly into your home.

Some companies justify a high selling price on the basis their WER is A+XY rated, the higher the number, the better the energy rating. 

The BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council)  simplified the WER system because larger companies were blinding homeowners with science to justify higher prices. 

The BFRC have said it is almost impossible to discern between an A rated window and those with a higher specification.  So whilst A+xy is still given / quoted, this only covers the window in isolation, excluding the surrounding insulation or fitting.

It is important to choose a company like Clearview with an exemplary installation record offering A+ as standard with an option to upgrade to A++

10. Does triple glazing really have noise reducing (acoustic) benefits?…that depends on the salesman!

The advent of triple glazing in the replacement window market has brought improved energy performance to homeowners.  A common misconception however is that triple glazing reduces noise or sound transmission significantly, this is not the case

There are acoustic glazing solutions available and again a reputable companies salesman will advise you of these in a full and informed way.

Read the full guide here – Clearview’s Ultimate Guide to Double Glazing Sales Techniques.

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