Install Bi-Folding Doors To Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Summer

Things are definitely beginning to warm up outside which is hopefully a sign that this summer will be as much of a sizzler as summer 2018, the UK’s joint hottest summer on record.

Interior of Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

If things turn out that way and the weather doesn’t let us down, you need to make the most of it and the installation of bi-folding doors will certainly make this summer at home your most special yet.

Integrated into the rear wall of the property, they will enable you to create a beautifully wide opening that unites the inside of your home with your garden, converting the two settings into a single luxury living space. Their identities will become blurred as a result.

Any kids in the house will love the freedom a bi-folding door gives them as they’ll be able to run freely from the indoors to the outdoors, and the other way around, whenever they’re looking to play.  

You will love it just as much during the summer months, especially if you’re the type that likes to take in a few cocktails on your decking or patio and want an excuse to do it more often.

Bi-folds can be configured pretty much however you like, with corner set solutions also available. They can span up to 7 panes wide or as little as 2 panes wide, and there’s the option of having the doors fold outwardly or inwardly. An outward opening will help you preserve space indoors when you only partially open the doors, but when the door is completely open, the entire collection of door leafs fold out of the way to leave a vast unrestricted opening.

Think of the cool breeze that will float into your home each time you open your bi-fold. It will circle around and stop you getting a sweat forming on your brow.


If this all sounds like your idea of heaven, contact Clearview now and we can add some beautiful bi-folds to ensure you of multiple sensational summers.

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