Why A FENSA Certificate Is Important And How To Replace One

Clearview has several reputable industry accreditations and one of the biggest of them is having approved FENSA membership. 

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The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) is government authorised and a Competent Person Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in England and Wales 

In the past 12 months or so, the scheme has been advertised on TV to make homeowners aware of the importance of choosing FENSA approved installation companies for their window and door installations so that they receive a FENSA certificate once the job is done.

It was in 2002 that FENSA certificates were first brought in and what they symbolise is that any replacement windows and doors that have been fitted comply with building regulations, are energy efficient, and registered with the Local Council.

It’s only by appointing a FENSA Approved Installer that you will receive this certificate. 

What you should immediately do when you take receipt of a FENSA certificate, is find a safe place to put it, that you will remember. 

This is because you will need this certificate if there ever comes a point when you want to sell your property, so that it can be handed to the next occupier of the house. 

Without this certificate, you could run into problems trying to sell the house as buyers need concrete confirmation that your windows and doors are all above board. 

Things can get lost. So, if you cannot find your FENSA certificate, but you did originally have one, you can order a replacement. 

Costing £25, head to the FENSA website and just put in your address and, if you have it, the certificate ID no. 


While you’re on the website, read up more about why FENSA-registered companies, like Clearview, are the ones to trust for all of your window and door requirements. 



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