How To Improve Your Dated Conservatory

There could be any number of reasons why the amount of time you spend inside your old conservatory has dwindled over the past few years. It could be because it no longer feels comfortable in summer or it simply fails to give you the feeling of excitement that you used to experience when walking into the space.

Aluminium Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors

To make it the ultimate go-to room in the house again you just need to make a few changes. Clearview is always available to assist you in your endeavours to transform a dated design into a killer conservatory, especially as we’re absolutely bursting with inspirational ideas to help you make it happen.

Give your existing roof the elbow!

Diminished thermal efficiency is a consequence of the ageing process and the roof fitted to your extension has a major part to play in keeping the space suitably insulated.

It’s very easily replaced and can be substituted for a solid roof, a replacement roofing system that reinstates comfort levels in conservatories. The weather, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, will never be able to impact upon the internal temperature once a solid roof has been incorporated within it.

Create a garden passage

Any separation that currently exists between your conservatory and back garden can be bridged with the integration of bi-folding doors, patio doors or French doors. Each of these three door solutions provides contrasting openings, so try them all out at one of our showrooms to uncover a favourite.

Establishing a stronger connection between the two places will inevitably result in the conservatory seeing more use than previously as it will deliver the most stylish garden opening in the entire house.

Switch from its original setting

One of the beauties of conservatory ownership is how many different potential uses this extension type offers. We would estimate that most people utilise it as a sitting room, but it can be used for other uses too if you’ve grown bored of using it that way.

Foodies and keen cooks will be best having their conservatory served up as a dreamy dining area, while parents with young children could have a playroom involved in their plans to keep the kids busy.

Clearview has been fashioning lasting, lovely conservatory living spaces from scratch for countless years; we don’t do dated! View some of our work here to see how you can do remarkable things to your own extension.

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