How To Obtain Building Regulations Approval For A Solid Roof

We always experience an increased demand for solid roofs at this time of the year as householders look to weatherproof their extensions to make them more usable in winter.

Our solid roof products, which include the revolutionary UltraRoof 365, never fail to deliver the right amount of insulation for conservatories and orangeries when there’s bitterly cold conditions outside. 

We advise on everything where solid roofs are concerned, including Building Regulations Approval, which if you didn’t know, you can sometimes need in order to have a solid roof added to an extension. 

You can be ordered to pay to remedy a solid roof that doesn’t comply with Building Regulations, and you will not receive a certificate confirming that it meets the rules, so don’t risk proceeding without it, unless you have the authority to. 

Something entirely different from planning permission, which requires a separate application, it’s actually pretty straightforward to apply for Building Regulations Approval. 

The easiest way is to do it online via the Planning Portal.

After submitting a few bits of information you will be able to complete the relevant forms and upload any supporting documents. It will also calculate the cost of making an application for building regulations approval. 

It is also usually possible to sort the application directly through the website of your local council. They’ll have a team of people you can talk to if you need any assistance. 

On average, you will find out if you have been granted Building Regulations Approval after about 5 weeks, though it can sometimes take a month. 

When your application is OK’d, the approval lasts for three years and will elapse after this time if the work has not been started. Then you will have to apply for it again. 

You will be in a more powerful position to get building regulations approval when you use an approved solid roof system, such as the UltraRoof 365. 

You can always leave anything to do with Building Regulations Approval and Planning Permission to Clearview. It’s just one element of the fantastic Customer Care we provide.

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