Electricity And Gas Bills Confusing UK Homeowners

After the coalition government recently ordered that energy suppliers simplify the bills they send to their customers, it has been revealed that 36 per cent of people find electricity bills the most hard to understand. This is closely followed by 33 per cent of people who struggle to get their head around the gas bills they receive.

The study has been conducted by Gocompare.com which also concluded that 59 per cent believe that utility companies purposely make their bills difficult to fathom to confuse customers and stop them from seeking a better tariff elsewhere. Ignoring bills is also a common trait amongst many.

Head of Energy at Gocompare.com, Jeremy Cryer says:

“Electricity and gas bills represent one of our biggest household expenses, but our survey suggests few people really understand what they are being charged for.

“Energy price calculations are complicated but there is no reason why companies can’t explain their charges to customers using plain English. Simpler bills would make it easier for people to understand their energy usage and charges.”

Reading gas and electricity bills can be made even harder if you don’t provide regular meter readings and keep track of how much energy your home consumes. Understanding your bills also comes in handy if you ever decide to look into switching providers as by supplying them accurate details you are more likely to receive a competitive and possibly more affordable tariff.

Whilst you wait for simplified energy bills to arrive on your doorstep, why not simplify the process yourself by purchasing double glazing in Bury, double glazing in Manchester or double glazing in Merseyside.

Energy efficient windows of this type will lower fuel consumption hugely and prevent you from stressing out about your energy bills. You will be safe in the knowledge that your windows will never let you down in terms of insulation.

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