How To Prepare Your House For The Autumn Season

There are many signs autumn is on the way: temperatures are starting to drop, nights are drawing in earlier and earlier, and the likes of Starbucks and Costa have advertised their annual pumpkin-flavoured drinks.

Although the transition from summer to autumn isn’t always easy (especially due to the lack of summer we’ve had), it’s time to get excited for autumn. As we enter a new season, our home needs a little TLC to ensure it’s ready. 

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Did you know that traditional windows are responsible for around 25% of heat lost from the home? This statistic is significantly reduced when triple glazed windows are installed. 

As autumn gets closer, you may wish to consider installing energy efficient windows and doors. Double or triple glazing can save you money in central heating and keep your house warm and cosy when the weather outside is anything but. 

It’s important to also pay attention to our doors when it comes to minimising heat loss. Clearview’s UPVC Doors consist of thermally efficient glass units, which prevents heat from escaping.

Create The Feeling Of Autumn 

Sometimes we need a little help in creating the feeling of autumn in our home. This can mean everything from adjusting the scent of the house to changing our interiors. 

Yes, this is your sign to buy every autumn-inspired candle on the shelf at TK Maxx. You’re welcome.  

It’s not just layering jumpers and coats that are necessary in autumn, but the layering of cushions and throws on our beds and sofas in our home. Knitted cosy throws in shades of red and orange make excellent autumn décor that you will actually use throughout the entire season.

An Autumn Clean Is The New Spring Clean

Spring may get all the attention as the perfect time for a home clear-out, but autumn is a great season for this too. Maybe it’s because many of us associate autumn as the start of the school year, but autumn often feels like a fresh start.

So with that in mind, clean gutters, donate unwanted clothes and organise storage spaces. An autumn clean and tidy will leave your mind feeling carefree. 

It is also recommended to check the batteries of smoke detectors and alarms. 

If you are looking for a helping hand in making sure your home is autumn-ready, request a FREE QUOTE for updating your windows and doors with energy efficient alternatives.

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