Solid Roof, Conservatory Or Orangery? Which Will Suit Your Property?

Home extensions have risen in popularity in recent years. There are a number of motivating factors that may cause a householder to invest in a solid roof structure, conservatory or orangery:

  • They’re stuck on the property ladder and unable to afford a new house
  • Space in their home is increasingly sparse
  • They’re comfortable where they live, don’t want to relocate, but crave a larger home
  • They want to improve the present valuation of their home
  • They want to bring home and garden closer together

Whatever the reasoning, it is important that you have the right sort of home extension fitted.

It helps to know whether a solid tiled roof extension, conservatory or orangery is most likely to suit your home best.

Solid roof

A solid tiled roof is often retrospectively added to old conservatories and orangeries that are no longer thermally efficient; however it is possible to have it included in a conservatory or orangery design from the outset.

Solid tiled roofs will properly regulate the temperature inside the structure and make it feel like a natural extension of the house. They’re also renowned for enhancing privacy and tend to be considerably more affordable than a polycarbonate roof.

We have three versions of solid tiled roofing systems available at Clearview – Ultraroof, Garden Rooms, Replacement.


Selecting the right conservatory for your home has become increasingly complicated due to the depth of conservatory designs available nowadays, as our extensive conservatory range highlights.

Here’s a summary of the major plus points of owning some of the most popular conservatory designs that you will find:

Edwardian – a timeless classic, square or rectangular shape, high pitched roof, flat walls make inserting furniture easy, suits the modern abode.

Victorian – hexagonal or octagonal shape, round frontage supplies superb views, suits period residences.

Lean-To – compact, simple design, ideal for homes and bungalows old and new with a low-pitched roof, surprisingly spacious.

Gable – beautiful sightlines, elevated roof, draws in natural sunlight, suits larger period homes.

P-Shaped – 3 or 5 sided, its shape means it can function as two separate spaces (living and dining areas).

Bespoke – build your own conservatory exactly how you want it.


Built using a mixture of brickwork and glass, the solidity offered by an orangery makes it a more natural fit for the home than a conservatory in the minds of some people.

They can be utilised for numerous purposes e.g. home office, gym, dining room and will almost feel as though it’s forever been a part of the house.

Whether you have a traditional or modern orangery, you will find that it should complement properties of any age, style or character.

You can count on Clearview for the perfect home extension

We showcase a fantastic selection of solid roof extensions, conservatories and orangeries at each Clearview showroom.

They’re all carefully furnished and accessorised so that when you enter each of them you will get a sense of which will work best for your home.

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