How To Be Energy Efficient At Home This Winter

Unless your home is fully energy efficient you will likely have experienced a sharp rise in the cost of your energy bills over the past couple of months.

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In order to be able to pay for rising gas and electricity costs you may have to sacrifice buying as many Christmas gifts for your friends and family as you would like and various essential items. But it’s YOU that’s in control of energy efficiency at home and there are plenty of things YOU can do to improve it and put more cash in your pocket.

Fit energy efficient windows & doors

Are your existing windows and doors still providing a high standard of thermal efficiency? If they have never been replaced it is unlikely that they are and responsible for much of the heat loss that occurs.

They should be substituted for modern windows and doors with the highest energy rating you can afford as they’ll end excessive heat loss and improve heat retention.

Get your boiler serviced

A boiler service should be conducted every 12 months and will identify any potential problems with the boiler and enable any issues to be rectified to reduce the chance of it breaking down at an inopportune time.

The service will also check whether the boiler is running as efficiently as it should be. It’s a good idea to replace a really old boiler as a modern boiler offers a far greater standard of thermal efficiency.

Unplug your chargers

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops – they all need regular charging.

As soon as the power bar hits 100% on your mobile device when it’s charging, unplug the charger or switch it off at the wall as it will continue to consume electricity even when the device is fully charged.

Turn lights and radiators off in unoccupied spaces

You can only be in one room in your house at a time, so when leaving any room unoccupied make sure that you turn off the light and turn off the radiator at the same time – you mustn’t waste a single bit of energy.


Hopefully these suggestions will make you a bit more energy conscious and perhaps motivate you to finally replace those old windows and doors. Visit our Special Offers page to get a fantastic deal on energy efficient windows and doors.



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