How To Give Your Conservatory A New Lease Of Life

There are thousands of conservatories in the UK currently sitting empty because they no longer provide the standard of thermal efficiency required in the winter.

Many of them will remain unoccupied once summer comes around too simply because they become too hot during our warmest months.

We hate to say it, but what a waste of space!

The weather should never be allowed to dictate whether you get the opportunity to use your conservatory or not. Morning, noon, or night, it needs to be properly insulated so that you can get maximum use out of it in whatever way best suits your home lifestyle.

Garden Room Transformation

We implore you not to let an old conservatory become the white elephant of the house as it can easily be updated and brought back to life. How? By having it transformed into a solid roof garden room.

Just as with a traditional conservatory, a garden room receives a substantial amount of natural sunlight, leaving it feeling bright and welcoming. However, it significantly exceeds a standard conservatory in terms of insulation due to the solid tiled roof which helps keep the interior of the structure fully insulated around the clock.

It almost be like stepping into a totally new world when you venture into your new garden room for the first time. The difference in the feel and atmosphere from what it was previously will be like night and day.

Prior to the renovation process, just inform our designers of how you wish to utilise the space. Perhaps you fancy restoring it back to a luxurious setting for lounging or have always liked the idea of hosting the weekly Sunday roast within its stunning confines. We’re always happy to make such inspirations come true.

Being able to enjoy your conservatory/garden room once again will also bring you closer to your garden which will be a rather idyllic experience.

We showcase the garden room in our 3 showrooms if it sounds to you like the perfect way to reinvigorate your old conservatory.

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