Is Your Home As Energy Efficient As It Could Be?

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This is a question that needs answering now as winter will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to feel the cold at home once it does arrive and end up paying a fortune on energy bills. 

If you have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), this will tell you exactly how energy efficient your property is, rating it from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). 

It’s a document that you must have if you want to put your home on the market or make it available for renting. If you don’t have an EPC, you can arrange for an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to visit your home here, assess its thermal credentials and issue an EPC. 

To achieve a higher energy efficiency rating than your current one and to save energy, save money and save the planet, make these green measures:

Install double or triple glazed windows and doors

Opinions vary, but it’s roughly estimated that around 25% of heat lost from a home is due to it escaping through inefficient windows and doors. 

The fitting of double or triple glazed windows and doors will bring that percentage of heat loss right down, especially if you buy Clearview’s UPVC Extreme windows. It’s one of the only window ranges in the country endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and to have received the Secured by Design accreditation. Our replacement doors are similarly energy-saving too. 

They will also make your energy bills a lot less costly, saving you around £170 annually, and minimise noise and draughts.

Buy an eco-friendly boiler

All modern boilers have an ErP rating (Energy related Products Directive) to let you know how efficient they are, with most having at least an A energy rating. 

Your old boiler is unlikely to be anywhere near as efficient, even if you have it regularly serviced. A particularly old boiler is also far more likely to break down than a newer model. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, switching your old boiler for an A-rated boiler can save you around £340 per year, so it’s well worth the money of buying one.

Is Your Boiler Eco-Friendly

Get loft insulation fitted

Around a quarter of heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the roof. Putting loft insulation in your loft, attic or roof space is very inexpensive and will vastly reduce heat loss. It’s really easy to fit if you fancy doing it yourself, or find an approved insulation installer on the National Insulation Association website just by entering your postcode. 

Quality loft insulation can last for 40 years or more and cost as little as £150 to install, so just imagine the potential savings you can make over that period!

Energy efficient windows and doors are very much the domain of Clearview. So get a FREE quote for them from us if you need them.

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