How You Can Remain Healthy While Being Indoors At Home

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

Let’s not be disheartened that the nationwide lockdown has been extended as by remaining indoors we’re helping to save lives and protect the NHS. It’s all a matter of adjustment and making home living as fun as we possibly can, rather than letting it grind us down. 

We won’t lie and say that being limited to our homes is easy – it’s not – but if you take things a day at a time, it makes it a lot easier, and we won’t be in lockdown forever. 

Think of it like this. Everyone is facing the same situation as you are and your home is the safest place you can be. 

If you stay healthy, both in body and mind, that will also help and is easy to do, as this three-step approach shows:

Make time for catching your breath and relaxing

To get you out of bed in the mornings, you need a regular routine, one that could involve anything from doing a Joe Wicks workout to hoovering the house, and as you do it, you will feel good for it. 

But don’t make it too intense and allow yourself plenty of time to have a moment and rest. 

If you’re apart from certain people and you miss them, use technology to stay in touch – talking is so important at a time like this. It will break up your days nicely and keep your online conversations as positive as you can and filled with laughter.

Tip One

Exchange the inside for the outside

You can only go out and exercise once a day, but you can use your garden as much as you want and there’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to put a smile on your face. 

You could even catch a tan in the weather we’ve had recently, so get the sun lounger out, slop on some sunscreen and grab a nice cold drink out of the fridge. 

Make all your meal times an outdoor activity and encourage the kids to join you outside where they can watch a film on their mobile device or do their home schooling in the sun.

Tip Two

On your marks … get set … bake!

Relieve the stress of staying at home by baking – yes, really! It can calm you, bring out a creative flair in you that you didn’t know you have and prove meditative. 

Do Prue proud and prepare some baked treats that you can dish out to fill the stomachs of everyone living with you and show off on your social media accounts. The smell will be amazing. 

Banana bread is always a favourite, but if you can’t get your hands on any flour at the supermarket, have a go at making some classic chocolate cornflake nests or Mars bar crispy slices. There’s a showstopper in everyone.

Tip three

It will also be great for your mood if you have some home enhancements organised for when the restrictions are ended. Clearview’s FREE Online Appointment Service can be used to get that sorted.

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