Love Your Home – DIY Ideas You Can Do In Lockdown

Love Your Home

For many of us, it’s a rarity that we get to spend so much time at home and you may be wondering how you can keep yourself occupied, if, as expected, we’re in lockdown for several weeks.

Seeing as you’re at home, isn’t it about time you gave it some attention? When we’re normally so busy, we often neglect to give our homes that bit of TLC. Well now, there’s no excuse not to do it, and, no, you don’t need your local hardware store to be open to improve your abode.

It doesn’t need to be done alone either if you have other members of the family in quarantine with you. Prise them off the sofa and get them to do their part too.

A few easy fixes here and there really can make your house a home, as we’re about to demonstrate.

Repaint one or two rooms

You pick up on things more when you’re stuck indoors, such as bits of paintwork that are beginning to wear away.

Touch up any patchy paintwork or if the current colour scheme in your main seating areas looks a bit dated, try and order a paint pot or two in a fashionable colour.

Earlier in the year, you will have read us mention that Tranquil Dawn and Classic Blue are two of 2020’s hottest colours, but the hot pink, Viva Magenta, fiery orange-red, Lush Lava, and icy blue, Frozen Fjord, are giving them a run for their money.

If you make painting a group task, it could be done inside of a day.

Tip One

Do some repairing and upcycling

There’s always something that needs repairing in the house and you might just be able to do it yourself.

We’re thinking of things like fixing a leaky kitchen or bathroom pipe or unclogging a sink (plumber fees are extortionate), replastering any holes or cracks in your walls, regrouting tiles etc. Why pay someone to do them?

Turn ‘trash’ into treasure too by upcycling.

If you’ve any old fabric in the house, use it to revamp an old dining chair or use some old books as a shelving solution by fixing hooks to a wall.

Tip Two

Get more out of your garden

You will be thankful for your garden at the moment and how it gives you some much-needed breathing space from those four walls.

Make more of the space, beginning by weeding, pruning, mowing and planting so that it looks tidy and extra pretty. This is one for getting the kids involved.

Then get out the garden furniture so that mum and dad can chillax in the sun, while the kids play on their slide, make a den or kick a ball about.

Taking the indoors outdoors can be as much fun as bringing the outdoors indoors.

Tip three

Clearview has a host of other DIY tips to share with you. Our online design appointment service is available if you’d like to know what they are or want to arrange future home improvements with us as it’s business as usual here.

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