Part One – Top 10 double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them

If you’ve held off on upgrading your home with double glazing until the sales in the hope of bagging a bargain, you might want to read our ‘ultimate guide to double glazing sales techniques, and how to avoid them’.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a pushy salesman, or been faced with a sale offer that seemed just a bit too good to be true, but what should we look out for?

We’ve compiled the top ten sales techniques to look out for, and avoid at all cost. Here’s part one of our guide with the first five things to look out for.

1. Price conditioning versus price guides

A notorious direct sales technique is known as ‘price conditioning’ where they create a target price expectation in customers’ minds – usually well before a price or quotation is given.

Some salesmen will try to extract your price expectations, ‘what were you thinking of paying?’ or ‘what budget did you have in mind?’ They use this as a tool to massage their own figures to a level they believe they can close the deal at.

A reputable company like Clearview will listen to your requirements and give you genuine prices for the option or options you’re considering.  If a discount is offered or given, it will be explained and justified with transparency.

2. Bogus offers & discounts, for one day only versus genuine discounts

One of the most effective ways to manipulate a customer into making a buying decision is to fabricate a ‘bogus offer’ or ‘massive discount’ (usually) limited to that day only.

Offering large price drops in the same meeting or thereafter is not a credible sales process.  These fabricated offers are to make you believe you are getting a good deal. Smoke & mirrors!

It is completely reasonable to shop around to see what different companies can offer you, how this compares in quality and price and how well it fulfils your requirements.

A reputable company will send you a full written quotation confirming the product and price offering together with any genuine offers or discounts.  This removes any pressure on you to have to make a decision on the day.

3. Big price drops and their fabricated reasons for being

In your home, some salesmen will pitch an artificially inflated price to test your reaction.  Well-seasoned salesman will give you a price then go extremely quiet, waiting for you to reveal your hand.

How you respond is how they decide where to go next… In the absence of ‘grab the cheque book, Darling’, the louder the gasp the better because this means you’ll be relieved when they eventually drop the price.

The measure of a reputable company will be its resolve to stick to the price it quotes as they’re giving you their best price immediately.

4. Advertising large discounts (say 55%) on products that the company in reality doesn’t sell…

Some companies advertise a large discount to secure their salesman access into your home.  When the salesman arrives he’ll let you know that the large advertised discount applies to a ‘lower grade’ or ‘cheaper’ product that they don’t recommend you go for (because they don’t sell it), because it lacks energy efficiency, security and quality aesthetics.

You are quickly taken to the ‘other’ window of choice which is superior and will lead them into quoting you a large number to begin with – the ‘process’ begins…

Reputable companies will discuss their products to a level that satisfies your need to know and there will be no ‘window frame A’ or ‘window frame B’ to choose from.

5. Advertising ‘with prices from £cheap…’

This is another classic lever to open your front door to the witting salesman.

This takes a reverse tact to starting off big and dropping the price after.  A window or door may be advertised as starting from a price £x’s and unless you’re changing the design or size or any other parameter, you’ll be expecting the advertised price.  In truth, the ‘essential extras’ cost just that, extra.

A reputable company’s quote will be inclusive.

Read the full guide here – Clearview’s Ultimate Guide to Double Glazing Sales Techniques.

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