The Benefits Of A Garden Room

Ready to replace an old conservatory and turn it into something new? A gorgeous garden room from Clearview could be the answer. 

Garden Room in UPVC Rosewood

It will possess many of the traditional characteristics of a conservatory, e.g. providing you with the same airy feel. But it won’t quite be the same as a garden room because it benefits from additional natural light, partly due to its vaulted ceiling, and will also provide enhanced energy efficiency and soundproofing, ensuring you of year-round comfort and quiet. 

In the minds of some, a garden room is observed as being more like an extension than a conservatory as its brickwork, tiled roof colour and roofing pitch can be matched to the property where it’s constructed. 

To make it a true garden room, you should incorporate some form of door into its design, such as French, patio or bi-folding doors, so that you can open the extension and create a garden connection. 

How can you use a garden room? Pretty much any way you like!

We’ve had customers that have invested in garden rooms for the purpose of establishing an office space, play area or kitchen, but if you want something else, we can get it organised. 

Once your decision is made, we can integrate all of the finishing touches that you need to make the room complete. 

One of them could be the inclusion of Velux Roof Windows, if you feel that the space would profit from an extra injection of brightness throughout the daytime. It can also double-up as a ventilation source for the summer, in case you ever need to let some fresh air in. 

Why appoint Clearview for a garden room installation? Because of our unrivalled experience in this area, and because of our industry-leading 20-year guarantee. 

If your heart is now set on owning a garden room, reach out for a FREE quote.

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