Save The Planet And Your Wallet With Double Glazing

Nobody likes bills. People dread the end of the month when they see a large amount of our pay checks handed over to the energy companies. Anybody you ask will say that their energy bills are far too high and if the news is to be believed then they will only continue to rise. But how can you keep your energy bills down and still do your bit for the planet?

Previously, those who wanted to reduce their impact on the environment could opt for a green tariff from their energy provider. This meant that their energy would come from a renewable energy source such as wind farms or other environmentally friendly sources.

Now 5 out of 6 big energy companies have withdrawn their green tariffs. This means that any new customers won’t be able to opt in for greener energy which has limited the choice of those wanting to run their homes on green energy and save money on bills. This has made it trickier to keep your home green.

However, one way to reduce the carbon footprint your home produces is to cut the amount of energy that you use. You cut the amount of energy you use to heat your home by installing double glazed windows. This will help keep your home warmer in the winter without making you turn the heating up. It benefits the planet and your wallet to invest in high quality double glazed windows and Clearview Home Improvements can help you find your perfect windows.

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