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Orangeries – traditional & modern designs

Choose the perfect orangery design from Clearview, one that caters for your lifestyle and adds a new whole dimension to your home in Cheshire, Lancashire & Staffordshire.

Choosing an Orangery or Conservatory?

Orangeries represent the ideal combination of the benefits and looks of a conventional extension. They are wonderfully light and airy spaces due to the glazed roofs as well as being cosy and inviting throughout the year. Adding an orangery onto your home immediately offers the extra room, light, and space you always imagined, as well as being both practical and enjoyable.

The only hard part about buying an orangery is needing to decide whether you want a traditional or modern design. Although, there’s no wrong choice.

Orangery Living Space

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Orangery features

An orangery can be a space for all family to relax in, an extension of an existing kitchen area or a place for entertaining house guests on those special occasions.

The different hotspots opposite will give you more background on the main features of our stunning orangeries.


Brick Pillars

Incorporating brick pillars alongside large windows and feature doors to create a perfectly coordinated addition to your existing home.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


Choose from a range of intelligent glazing options that not only work to control the internal temperature but also include self-clean or easy-clean alternatives.


You can add lighting to our orangeries thanks to our clever internal and external features. The internal pelmet provides the perfect place for lighting or you can add patio lights to the outside within the external soffit.


Insulated columns and pelmets prevent heat from escaping helping you to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside.

Which roof to choose for your orangery

We offer four different roofing options for our full range of orangeries. Choose from traditional tiles, shingle tiles, traditional lantern featuring performance roof glazing or a flatroof design featuring skylights to create a modern orangery look.

Glass Roof Orangeries

There’s nothing like a beautiful sky view to put a smile on your face – embrace it morning, noon, and night, and whilst doing so, enjoy sustained comfort. Incredible headway has been made in solar control glazing, with it featuring coatings and tints intelligent enough to stop the escape of internal heat and capitalise on the heat exerted by the sun to impart warmth around the space. An insulated pelmet would also chip in with stemming heat loss – enquire about it with an advisor.

The in-built weather proofing technology will ensure the orangery prevails over the elements. Specify use of self-cleaning or easy-clean roof glazing to simplify maintenance.

Glass Roof Orangery Detail

Tiled Roof Orangeries

Orangeries should be fit for daily usage and seamlessly merge into their home destinations, so they appear to be a natural extension of a house. Clearview’s orangeries adhere to this and overdeliver in strength and thermal efficiency for persistent endurance. Select from a slate, shingle, or traditional tile roof, whichever of the three you believe is most complementary to the property. Velux windows or large glass panels can also be styled into your chosen roof for an added splash of light.

Employing a tiled roof in your orangery is a guaranteed route to dependable cosiness and thermal efficiency, nullifying the weather from ruining things. Compared to a traditional glass roof, Clearview’s tiled roof system harnesses ultra-modern solid roof tiles, which excel in strength and stability.

Tiled Roof Orangery Extension

Solid Roof Orangeries

Glass panels can be inserted to replace any of the solid roofing panels, and in almost any shape – enabling you to maximise the light in your orangery to produce a contemporary design not easily achievable with other orangery roofs. Your newly-installed solid roof will truly transform your interior space for your orangery.

Internally, solid roofs are stunning, delivering a magnificent vaulted ceiling which incorporates an internal pelmet around its perimeter, into which lights or speakers can be installed. At the ridge of solid roof, you can also insert or hang lights in places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a vaulted or suspended ceiling.

Solid Roof Conservatories Internal Views

Lantern Roof Orangeries

Here’s something completely out of the ordinary! A lantern roof is impressive as it gets and will give your orangery such a magnified presence at home. Light entry will occur at multiple points and angles to fill the space with a flood of vitality and forge the illusion of extra space. Constituting ultra-slim glazing bars, Clearview’s lantern roofs promise to be a core centrepiece of our orangery designs.

Participate in the customising of the lantern roof with your assigned project guide, communicating your preferences in glazing and frame style. A standard feature of our orangeries is thermally efficient solar control glazing, which has countless benefits.

Lantern Roof Orangery

Contemporary Flat Roof with Skylights

Invite the sky to join you in your orangery by insisting on the inclusion of a contemporary flat roof, sure to inject warmth, brightness, and an arresting finish. Skylights are as visually engaging from the inside as the outside – many a time you will find yourself engrossed in the elegance of the crisp lines and tinted glass. All flat roof orangery styles can incorporate a skylight, offering equal symmetry of warmth and a powerful sky seascape.

A Clearview flat roof encompasses the best in weather proofing technology so that it’s geared to repel the elements from the design. Make roof maintenance light work by requesting self-cleaning or easy-clean glazing.

Flat Roof Extensions

Which style of door to choose for your orangery

Your choice of feature door for a Clearview orangery will be dependent on how you plan on using it. You may decree that a double opening French door fits your purpose most or be enticed by the sliding functionality of a patio door or bi-folding door. These door styles will be an outright saviour.

Orangery French Doors

Fine weather comes in fits and starts in this country, so you’ve got to enjoy it whenever it comes, and French doors can give you an exquisite opening from your new orangery to ensure you don’t miss out on it. Opening just a single door will suffice for outdoor accessibility, and how lovely it is to exploit the full opening of the design when fresh air is craved.

French doors are not restricted to external use – employ them as an internal door to connect the orangery to the property and retain the individuality of the two locations.

Grey Conservatory with French Doors

Orangery Patio Doors

You want to maximise the space in the orangery as much as possible and patio doors function in a way that won’t impede on it. Sliding from side-to-side, rather than having inward or outward opening sashes, enables the placement of furniture close to the doors.

Operating a patio door is far from strenuous, requiring only a small push using the handle to help it along the stainless steel runners. Vast glazed units occupy the space between the frames and transfer in huge volumes of light. Realising the highest levels of security and thermal efficiency, our patio sliding doors can be made bespoke.

Anthracite Grey Patio Doors

Orangery Bi-Fold Doors

Appreciators of contemporary style will be enraptured by bi-folding doors and their one-off operating method. Working like a concertina, you can neatly fold them away to open practically an entire wall of the orangery.

The ease with which the doors move, and fold must be tried out to comprehend. They are a pioneering solution and can also boast great weather protecting qualities and high-level security. No modern orangery seems complete with a bi-folding door.

Modern Grey Orangery with Bi-Fold Doors

Orangery Door Hardware

Your door handle is a vital element of the orangery and far more than just a minor design detail. Furnishings are what bring doors to life and help them add character to the overall orangery aesthetic.

Security-minded at all times, Clearview has crafted its handles to assimilate trusty components. Quiz a designer for more detail about security, but here are the top-line benefits:

  • Self-locking features for enhanced burglar protection.
  • Latchbolts secured to stave off manipulation when door is closed.
  • Components confined to provide optimal comfort.

I love the colour of the windows and doors we chose for our new orangery, it makes it look so much more modern and contemporary.

Mr & Mrs Harris

Explore our window ranges for your orangery

With so much choice it can be challenging to know where to begin. Our distinct and equally stunning material collections for the windows and doors in your new orangery will help inspire and inform you. Extreme, Envisage or Eclipse – Discover the perfect material to complement the design and style of your orangery.

Our Extreme UPVC window collection...

Make your orangery warmer, quieter and more secure with the Extreme windows collection – our market-leading range of UPVC windows. UPVC possesses all the qualities you could possibly want from a building material; it’s extremely durable, strong, affordable and offers an exceptional amount of energy efficiency for your orangery – the best option for those anxious to keep energy costs to a minimum.

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, we’ve got you covered. Our Extreme UPVC windows feature 9 visible locking points and 2 high compression hinge bolts, offering x3 more protection than a traditional window.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Our orangeries can be finished in a startling number of colours...

You used to be quite restricted by colours with UPVC products, including UPVC orangeries, but nowadays, they come in all sorts of coloured finishes. Our standard colour range is comprised of White, Cream, Whitegrain and Chartwell Green, whilst our contemporary collection includes Irish Oak, Black and Grey.