The Home Improvement Projects That Are Perfect For Winter

How are you planning to keep yourself occupied at home until the lockdown restrictions have been lifted? If you don’t have too many plans, you could use the time to think up ways of improving your property, and maybe action some of them yourself.

It’s a great idea to make enhancements in winter anyway as that’s when we spend the most amount of time at home. 

There’s a long list of potential projects that could be embarked upon, but we’ve narrowed it down to three of the most rewarding for this time of the year:

Replace your old carpets with thick, new carpets

Who doesn’t love the feel of a new carpet wrapped around your feet, as well as the gorgeous smell that it adds indoors?

When changing carpets, go for something thick, like a pure wool carpet, and get some extra underlay included with it so that you benefit from maximum warmth underfoot.

The insulation offered by a new carpet is so strong that it hugely contributes to heat retention, and subsequently, keeps energy bills down in price. Just don’t let anyone trod on it with muddy feet!

Add a cheery new colour to a room

If there’s a room in your house that’s not as visually stimulating as it was, a quick repainting of its walls should do the trick of reviving it. 

It’s best done on a dry day so that you can open a window or two to stop the room being filled with paint fumes, and get others to help you repaint to speed up the job. 

A bright, vibrant colour will be the perfect contrast to the gloominess of the outdoors in winter – a gentle orange shade fits the bill nicely. Change any artwork, fabrics and furniture too. 

Commit to energy efficient windows & doors

Have you noticed a sharp rise in your energy bills since it started going cold? Your windows and doors will largely be responsible for that, and any draughts you can feel around the house 

It’s time they were taken out and exchanged for energy efficient windows and doors with an impressive energy rating. 

Though a big financial commitment, you will save a huge amount of money in the long-term by replacing your old windows and doors, as you will discover when using the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator

Even with the current restrictions in place, you can still get new windows and doors from Clearview organised. Book here for a FREE remote quotation. 

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