Modern Or Traditional – Which Replacement Windows Will Best Suit Your Property?

There is more pressure on your shoulders than you may realise when replacing your old windows as any new windows must complement your property’s character and transform it into a better-looking home. Make the wrong choice and you risk spoiling the exterior and losing much of its original charm.

Heritage Windows

It’s highly unlikely you will do that though when your new windows are bought from Clearview as we have years of window experience and stock an extensive choice of modern and traditional window designs.

Once you know a bit about these designs and can call upon the expertise of Clearview, you’re almost certain to choose wisely.

We have picked out and summarised some of our key modern and traditional window styles to help you with your window buying…

Aluminium Windows

Windows don’t look more modern than our aluminium window range. They scream with quality and much of that quality comes downs to the amazing powder-coated finish applied to the remarkably slender window frame.

The slight sightlines of the window have enabled the glass to dominate the design, affording you superb views through it. Aluminium is also extremely tough and resilient, so it can resist force, as well as the weather.

Flush Casement Windows

Flush casement windows originally date back to the 17th and 18th centuries and as was custom with the traditional design, our flush casement windows have openers that close into the frame and finish flush with it.  

We have named our flush casement range ‘Envisage’ as you can envisage having a more beautiful home with these gorgeous windows installed. It will also be a much warmer and safer place to live as Envisage delivers the best in thermal efficiency and security.

Sliding Sash Windows

The sliding sash window is another window design that goes back generations and has been tampered with very little as it retains that sliding mechanism that causes the one or more movable sashes to open.

The only major change has been the transition from a timber frame to a UPVC frame for the purpose of eradicating the rotting, warping etc. that would blight a wooden window frame. Using UPVC also enhances the insulating properties of a sliding sash window and it typically looks most at home when integrated into old-style residences.

Heritage Windows

Speaking of older residences, owners of a property located in a conservation area or living in a listed building will thank their lucky stars that our Heritage range has been developed.

Based on the 19th Century flush sash timber window, Heritage windows are regularly approved by planners as they brilliantly mimic the real thing. The hardware and finishes are unbelievably authentic. But that doesn’t mean they’re only fit for period properties. Our Heritage range is a great way of adding an aged effect to a modern household.


We have three showrooms in the North West where you can see our impressive mix of modern and traditional windows. Don’t make a final decision until you have seen them all.



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