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Aluminium Doors

The quality of our Eclipse aluminium doors is clear to see and feel.

Aluminium doors can transform the look of your home, whilst providing a very high level of security. Our fabulous range of high security aluminium doors offer consumer a wide choice of hard-wearing finishes utilising a trustworthy technology and the beauty of our aluminium doors is they can be made in any RAL colour to blend in with any property.

You can choose from aluminium front & back doors, French doors or the very latest bi-fold range.

Eclipse Aluminium Doors

From an aesthetics perspective you really couldn’t wish for a more visually appealing door which is just what you need at the front or rear entrance. Georgian bars will give it that extra touch of elegance.

Eclipse Aluminium Doors
Eclipse Aluminium Doors

Eclipse Aluminium Doors

To manufacture our market-leading aluminium doors requires the most sophisticated technology available and first-class components. That’s why they rank amongst the most secure aluminium doors in the UK.

You can find out everything you need to know about our aluminium doors by clicking the hotspots on the image opposite.

Eclipse Aluminium Doors

Multi-point Locking System

Includes multiple locking points the full length of the door for added security.

Modular Panel System

Our unique modular panel system allows us to create a design that is truly bespoke to your requirements.

Secure Door Barrel

Our 3-star rated cylinder offers the highest level of protection – featuring snap-secure technology with lockdown mode to prevent break-ins.

Matching Frames

Matching frames are available upon request – please speak to a Clearview advisor for details.

A woodgrain that’s unbelievably realistic...

The act of sublimation allows us to produce an authentic woodgrain effect that exactly mimics traditional timber features without you having to continuously maintain and update the finish.

Our oak, walnut and rosewood woodgrain finishes are so convincing you will hardly be able to believe your eyes which is why it pays to see them in person first.

Eclipse Aluminium Doors

Explore our finishing touches

The finishing touches to your aluminium door will be as crucial as anything else. Ask to be shown our full colour palette and many glazing and hardware solutions before you commission the design.

Benefit from a coloured Aluminium Door that lasts...

The successful application of the powder coated finish to an Aluminium Door is one of the most intrinsic parts of the overall design process and consequently why we dedicate such a substantial number of hours to such undertaking. Yes, it needs to look pleasing on the eye, but it should also never be subject to corrosion over time.

Remarkable attention to detail.

An aluminium door without a quality, stylish handle would be pointless as it would diminish its appearance and the standard of security it offered.

At Clearview, our aluminium doors come with supremely elegant handles that feel great in the hand and look great on the eye.

Door hardware is integral to a door’s performance.

When you think of a front door, you picture an attractive design that’s complete with hinges, a letterbox, number, and handle. This hardware needs to be smart and highly functional for your door to deliver what you want it to. There’s an incredible amount of variety in our hardware range, so try out different options before you inevitably find a look that you absolutely love.

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Learn more about aluminium doors

If you’re looking for a replacement door, we recommend you take a look at our aluminium door range. Combining the best in style and security, these doors will suit any home in Cheshire and Lancashire. If you’d like to know more about our doors or if you have any questions our team are on hand to help. Why not visit our showroom to see more of our door range and speak to our knowledgeable design team?

Why should you choose an aluminium door?

The luxuriousness of an aluminium door will glamourise your entranceway.

Clearview’s replacement door range is enriched with endlessly stylish designs and few encapsulate this more than our captivating aluminium doors, strong to the core.

Much slimmer than your ordinary front or back doors, these aluminium doors cannot fail to draw enraptured focus to your property. In the kaleidoscope of colour, you get your choice of any RAL finish you like, as we’ll recreate and mimic whatever shade it is that stirs your emotions most. That could be one of several breezy yellows, a striking red or some variety of a classic black, white, or grey. Coordinating an aluminium door with your home all comes down to colour.

Personalisation matters, but so does performance and an aluminium door exceeds the standard in that regard. It can survive for decades and beat off the weather due to its in-built resilience, refusing to crack, warp or generally weaken, as so tends to occur in traditional wooden doors.

If it’s renewed appeal and longevity that you want a new door to bring, one of Clearview’s aluminium doors is sure not to let you down.

How secure are aluminium doors from Clearview?

Security is a big strength of our aluminium doors.

Security consumes the minds of most homeowners, and an aluminium door will allay any fears you have about it. Their tough composition and deep-rooted durability is an assurance of reliable protection against external force.

None of that strength will dissipate as time moves on, a typical problem experienced with older style doors, which have a propensity to lose much of their muscle as they age. Aluminium is also a weatherproof material, so vulnerabilities won’t manifest as a result of warping or water damage – just the slightest weak spot in a door can be enough to put your home in serious danger of being broken into.

To supplement the robust frame, a raft of secure components and fixings are built into the product, including our auto firing 20mm deadbolts. Exacting engineering is how our aluminium doors outpower rival aluminium offerings and defeat the shrewdest of thieves, time and time again.

If unconvinced that your existing front door is still up to the job of keeping your family and belongings safe, proceed to book an appointment with Clearview so that we can get it a replacement aluminium door organised.

What letterplate, handle and other hardware can I add to my door?

It’s the small details that make for a great front door.

Colour and design aren’t your only considerations when planning a new aluminium door as you’ve also hardware, such as a handle for it, to focus on too.

Clearview’s suite of hardware options is made to match our sleek aluminium doors and strengthen their futuristic aesthetic. Finish the different fixtures in abiding colours of black, bronze, chrome or white.
Bar handles buttress the modernism of aluminium or abide with tradition and select a classic lever handle.

Journey to any of our three showrooms for a feel and look at the hardware developed for the Clearview aluminium door range. Touching and seeing it will give you a sense of what accessories will be the most appropriate adornments for the door that steals your heart most.

How do you care for aluminium doors?

Some occasional maintenance can help prolong the life of our easy-care aluminium doors.

Part of the reason why aluminium doors are so well-liked is because they require minimal upkeep, very different to how tiresome it is to retain the appearance and functionality of timber doors. We’re talking about only a small amount of inspection and cleaning every now and again.

Once the end of each summer comes, inspect the door’s weather seals to check they are still in good condition to avert any issues should they have begun to wear away.

Any dirt or debris that has got ingrained in the door needs to be cleaned away as allowing it to settle can disguise damage and spoil the quality of the finish.

It’s relatively easy to remove dirt, debris and dust with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Apply the cloth gently and be cautious around the door’s fixtures and fittings to avoid accidental scratching of the finish on the letter plate and handle.

Buff up the fixtures and fittings with a separate dry soft cloth to bring them to a gleam.

If at any point you uncover an impairment to the door, put a call through to our service team for some guidance and they will advise accordingly.

Do aluminium doors rust or peel?

Clearview’s aluminium doors are rust-resistant and won’t peel over time.

A common misunderstanding is that metal doors tend to rust, but that is more typical of iron and steel doors.

Our selected aluminium is naturally rust-resistant, just what you want for a front door in a country with notoriously inclement weather – no amount of wind or rain will corrode it.

Immunity to rusting isn’t all that’s great about the aluminium we utilise.

Coloured finishes are applied via a powder-coating process, and it ensures they endure and remain damage-free. None of the exuberance in our most striking