Labour Set To Offer Big Switch Alternative?

When consumer group Which? announced that they would be offering homeowners the chance to get involved in the collective purchasing of household energy a total of 250,000 put forward their details to try and secure cheaper energy.

Such a scheme has worked on the continent where energy companies are approached to offer the cheapest tariff they can provide and are entered into an auction with fellow energy companies. The most competitive tariff then gets offered to all of those who have taken part.

Now it would seem that the Labour Party is keen to get in on the act as Leader David Miliband has stated that his party may organise a ‘collective purchase’ of energy to help homeowners fight the rising cost of energy.

Mr Miliband says: “We are thinking of going to the energy companies as the Labour Party so that ‘responsible capitalism’ is not just an idea, but something practical. We think we may be able to deliver it through our grassroots network.”

Whether the Labour Party’s efforts would pay off is another question as several of the country’s major companies have already ruled themselves out of Which?’s big switch. Whilst one of the company’s that has entered the race, E.ON, have ruled themselves out of getting into a price war with their rivals for fear of isolating their existing customers.

If the Labour Party were to go-ahead with their proposal it can be presumed that they may be faced with a similar problem and may not be able to offer the cheap deal they aspire to supply to property owners. That is an issue for Mr Miliband to deal with.

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