Will You Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof Installation?

The potential need for planning permission isn’t likely to be your immediate thought when you’re considering having a solid roof integrated into your old conservatory.

Stone Built Orangery with Tiled Roof

You might not even realise that it’s a possible requirement, but Clearview does.

All you’ll be interested in is having a conservatory that you can use again on a regular basis, which you will get once any of our solid roof systems have been fitted.

But you don’t want to disregard the rules relating to solid roofs and land yourself in trouble, so here’s what you need to know…


  • You will need to get Building Regulatory Approval when swapping a traditional glass or polycarbonate translucent roof for a solid roof.


  • You’re more likely to receive Building Regulatory Approval when you use an approved solid roof system, such as the UltraRoof 380, as it is recognised by local authorities as a safe and suitable building product. The Building Control Officer may though insist that modifications are made to the roof prior to its application e.g. adding roof and trickle vents for ventilation purposes to ensure that it is compliant.


  • A “change of use” will occur when you swap a glass roof for a solid roof as it turns a temporary extension into a permanent structure. In this situation, you will often need planning permission.


  • Cast your mind back. When the conservatory was originally built, did you have to obtain planning approval first? If it currently has a translucent roof, you will need to submit a planning application and full building regulations application.


  • Think back again. Did the conservatory fall under Permitted Development Rights when first constructed, and therefore not need planning permission? It might not be a Permitted Development following the installation of a solid roof, which will require planning permission first.


We appreciate that this is a lot to take in and that you might be worried about falling foul of the guidelines.

You can get all the assistance you need from your local authority building control team. Just visit the LABC website to obtain their details and they will help you with everything.

And, of course, you can chat with Clearview for advice too.

We offer several solid roof systems, so we know about them as well as anybody.  

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