How To Dress Your Door This Christmas

We hate to frighten you or send you into a wild panic if you’ve yet to start your Christmas preparations but the big day is now just over a month away!

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That gives you around five weeks to get present shopping for your nearest and dearest and establish a festive feel inside and outside your home – that’s loads of time. Seeing as 1st December falls on the first Saturday in the month that would seem like the perfect time to put up your Christmas decorations and also dress up your front door ahead of the annual event.

Your front door is one of the first things people see and you want make it a sensational sight for Santa on Christmas morning. Here’s some of our best door dressing tips for this most special time in the calendar…

Christmas wreath

According to folklore, wreaths were traditionally hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory, but nowadays they’re more commonly hung on a door as a decorative statement, particularly at Christmas.

You can buy real and fake wreaths or even make your own. Authentic wreaths are beautifully elaborate but only remain that way if you look after them properly, so if you don’t have the time or inclination to maintain one buying fake is your best option.

Think baubles, fairy lights, pine cones, red coloured ribbon etc. for a fantastic, ultra-festive wreath. You can find some great examples here.

If you don’t want it on your door you could always place it onto the dinner table.

Door bow

As a quirky alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath, why not create or add a big red bow to your door to greet your guests.

The material used has to be sturdy enough to stand up to the weather for the bow to stay in shape if you’re thinking of making your own, but any worries on that front can be averted when you buy a bow from a trusted door dresser.

Expect to see lots of bows on residential doors throughout Cheshire and Lancashire this Christmas as they’re a definite growing trend.

Fairy lights

A string of weather-proof fairy lights (white or red are probably the best colour choices) around the frame of your door will capture so much attention and make it sparkle at night.

Battery-operated lights will do away with the need for any wiring to be thread through into the house and ensure they don’t contribute to your electricity bills.

Switching them on once it goes dark will be something you look forward to all day.


If it’s a completely new door you need to make your home shine, check our Clearview’s extensive door range full of door styles that Santa is guaranteed to be a fan of.  


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