How To Make The Biggest Reduction To Your Energy Bills

It’s a difficult enough winter this year without you needing to pay a really high price for your energy bills. 

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But this is the position millions of people across the country find themselves in, particularly those who are working from home and having to consume more energy at home to keep warm and keep their devices charged. 

And things won’t get any better, unless moves are taken to resolve your energy woes, after experts recently warned of a potential rise of £171 in fuel costs this year. 

To avoid this price hike, take all, or any, of the following 3 steps:

Switch to a different energy supplier

Despite being advised of the monetary benefits of switching suppliers, millions have still never done it. We promise, it’s really easy to do. 

Either go to a comparison site and find a cheaper deal, or pass it onto an energy switching specialist like ‘Look After My Bills’ to organise it on your behalf. There will be better packages out there. 

A potential annual saving of £300+ awaits for first-time switchers. It’s worth checking the market every 12 months to ensure you’re on the cheapest tariff.

Have a new boiler fitted

To heat your home for less, you need an efficient boiler. Old boilers rarely provide sufficient efficiency and have a tendency to break down at inconvenient times. 

The initial cost of a new boiler can be an intimidating prospect, but you need to focus on how much money its installation will save you long-term.

A brand-new A-rated boiler could result in a yearly saving of £340, according to the Energy Saving Trust, and should operate effectively for 15 years or more.

Install energy efficient windows and doors

You would expect a window and door supplier like Clearview to insist that energy efficient windows and doors are a must-have product, but the evidence is there that we’re right. 

They can cut heat loss by up to 75%, so this inevitably puts less pressure on your heating system to keep your house warm. 

How much they save you will come down to how the windows and doors are specified. For instance, triple glazed solutions will result in a greater saving then double glazed solutions. 

Clearview is still very much open for business and continuing to take window and door orders if you need some to make your energy bills more manageable. Get your remote quotation here

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