Why You Should Invest In An Orangery

The “improving not moving” trend shows no signs of slowing as UK homeowners spurn relocating for revamping their existing property.

One of the most preferred forms of home improvement is extending living space via either a conservatory or orangery.

Many would argue that adding a suitably designed thermally efficient orangery to your home is the most glamorous way of rejuvenating an old property.

Investing your hard-earned cash into an orangery will have a hugely positive impact in a variety of ways:

It promises a generous pouring of natural light

A present-day orangery usually utilises aluminium framework which enables incredibly slender sightlines to be created.

Very large expanses of glass can be incorporated into the trim frames allowing lots of natural sunlight to pass through the panes and illuminate the whole interior, making it feel amazingly voluminous.

Including floor to ceiling windows will further maximise the amount of natural light that hits the space.

It will make your home more valuable

Selling may not currently be on your agenda, hence your reasoning for investment in an orangery, but you may reach the point when you want to put your property on the market.

Property experts have figured that an orangery installation can add around 7% to the resale value of your home.

Orangery ownership may also give you a head start over neighbouring householders hoping to sell who don’t have the luxury of an orangery.

It is a multi-purpose venue

People utilise their orangery in a way that best suits their home lifestyle. You could have it furnished and accessorised so that it can purposely be used as any of the following:

  • Lounge
  • Dining area
  • Office
  • Playroom
  • Home gym

Due to the vast size of some orangeries, there’s nothing to stop you from using it as a combined lounge and dining area.

It can include a fashionable set of doors

The placement of an orangery at the rear of your home will help bring your property closer to your garden.

If you love making full use of your garden during the summer months then you would be well advised to have bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors included in the design.

A patio door will give you a part opening, whilst bi-folding doors will completely concertina at one end to totally expose your orangery to the outdoors.

It won’t normally require planning permission

When a proposed orangery design is considered to be a “permitted development”, no application for planning permission needs to be submitted.

For it to be a “permitted development” it must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The orangery must not exceed or cover in excess of 50% of the size of the house
  • Should not exceed 4 metres in height
  • Should not include any Verandas, Balconies or Elevated Platforms
  • Should not be more than half the width of the house
  • Should not have eaves higher than 3 metres if within 2 metres of a structure boundary

Get a modern, tiled roof or traditional orangery at Clearview

Clearview will handle any planning permission requirements on your behalf. We will also assist with everything else you need to get a modern, tiled roof or traditional orangery that will hugely enhance where you live and give you more reason to enjoy home living.



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