Liverpool, Manchester And Preston Homes Will Profit From Double Glazing

It is being widely reported in the press that Centrica, the company which owns electricity and gas supplier British Gas, is set to announce annual profits of £2.48billion. That is an incredible increase of £93 million compared to last year and comes at a time when the average energy bill for UK homes has risen by an average of £230 in the past 12 months.

Anyone expecting those profits to be reflected in their future energy bills may be left disappointed as gas and electricity prices are only expected to get worse over the coming months and years. This is despite many of the nation’s major energy companies cutting the cost of electricity in recent times. Any chances of them doing it again could be wishful thinking.

Whether fellow energy companies announce similar results remains to be seen but if they do it still rests with you to try and bring down the cost of your current energy bills. One of the main areas you should look to target is the windows of your home.

Did you know that as much as 25% of heat lost from the home is due to the inability of windows to insulate hot air? Well you do now. Whenever you experience draughts in the home it is usually due to the fact that your windows have reached their sell-by-date and gaps have begun to appear in the frame of the window. This is part for the course in a traditional window as it ages.

When a window reaches this stage you know that the time has arrived when you need to install double glazing in Liverpool, double glazing in Manchester or double glazing in Preston. Modern windows are much better equipped to deal with extreme temperatures and to ensure that outdoor weather stays exactly where it belongs, away from your private living space.

The addition of a brand new set of windows will totally reinvigorate the entire appearance of your home as a fresh finish will give it a huge aesthetic lift. The choice of finishes is as vast as it has ever been with colours to suit every type of home meaning that you are no longer restricted to only purchasing traditional white frames.

Don’t rely and wait upon the Big Six to cut their prices as you could be waiting a long time. Take the necessary measures and benefit from long-term gain.

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