Are Your Windows Failing To Keep Out The Weather?

We rely heavily on our homes to keep us warm and toasty in winter when we clamber out of our cosy beds first thing in the morning and return from a well-heated office at work. But, you’ll only get that comfortable home atmosphere if your windows are managing to insulate the space effectively. 

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You can crank up the thermostat as much as you want to counter any lack of warmth, but it will be wasted energy if you have windows without thermally efficient glazing and their frames are in a condition where they simply can’t keep draughts out. 

So, the most obvious course of action to fight off the winter weather and establish the snuggest of home settings is to fit brand new energy efficient windows from Clearview. 

Our replacement window range covers all the classic window styles, including casement, Georgian and bay & bow designs, which can each be supplied either double or triple glazed. 

There will be a marked difference in terms of how much more homely the house feels, compared to how it felt prior to the new windows being put in – you won’t want to leave.

Investing in any of our window offerings will also result in more affordable energy bills going forward. 

Household fuel costs aren’t getting any cheaper, particularly for those living with poor-insulated windows, but that will be less of a concern for you due to how our modern windows manage to capture and retain the heat produced by a boiler. 

At times, you will be able to turn your heating right down and still enjoy sufficient warmth, and the savings made from doing this will do wonders for your bank balance. 

The materials we use to manufacture our windows (UPVC and aluminium) will also resist the elements, even when things turn extremely nasty. This ensures that you won’t have to brave the weather to repair or repaint the frames, or see the aesthetics of your property become spoilt by rough-looking windows. 

If you’re troubled by external noise  at home, you should ask Clearview to purposely specify your new double or triple glazed windows to shut noise out. 


Put new windows on your winter shopping list if you want to be assured of nothing but warmth over the coming months. Buying them now will also save you 25 per cent. Details of this limited discount can be found on our Special Offers page.


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