Switch Your Energy Tariff With Extreme Caution

A few months ago, E.ON became the last of the Big Six energy suppliers to announce that they would no longer be carrying out door-stop selling of energy packages. This meant the end of the local double glazing salesman turning up at your property and trying to offer you a tariff, perhaps somewhat aggressively, which may not provide you with the best deal.

However, though door-step selling has ceased, many energy companies continue to sell energy tariffs in supermarkets and shopping centres. But anyone thinking about taking out a tariff that is offered in either of these locations is being warned to be careful about what they agree to as in some cases it has been found that buyers have been given a rum deal.

One of the main problems with buying energy in a shopping centre or supermarket is that you may be caught on the hop and therefore not have your energy bill to hand. The best way of securing a tariff certain to save you money is to supply the energy company with details of your current gas and electricity usage, something you can only do by reading your bill. They can take the readings and assess with of their tariffs will be most suited to you and your home, giving you a price that is accurate for exactly what you need.

If you agree to a fixed rate tariff and after getting home or assessing it more thoroughly discover that it in fact does not give you value for money then not only will you be vesting valuable cash, but you will find yourself tied into a deal you cannot get out of without paying a hefty exit fee.

It makes much more sense to sit down at home, get out the laptop or mobile phone and get on one of the energy price comparison sites that are on the web. Here you can input all your usage details and within a few seconds you will have a list of appropriate tariffs from not only the Big Six, but many of our other well-known and lesser-known energy companies.

This will lessen the risk of you being stung by a deal that is not all that it is cracked up to be and allows you to take your time, making a more well-informed decision.

There are significant energy savings to be made for those with double glazing in Bury, double glazing in Manchester or double glazing in Merseyside, especially for the first-time switcher!

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