3 Ways To Add Value To Your Property When Selling

Your house is your home and you love it, but if you are looking at the possibility of selling in the future, there are a few improvements you should consider to increase your return on investment.

Neutralise and redecorate

One thing most people selling their home forget is potential buyers may not have the same tastes and likes in interior design and colour schemes.

Forget your own taste and create an environment that a variety of potential buyers could imagine themselves living in. That means neutral tones and shades that are warm and inviting but blank enough to allow the imagination to envisage a happy future in your property.

If your home has neon pink and bright blue in every room, pick up a paint brush and start redecorating – giving your home an interior facelift is guaranteed to add value to your property.


De-cluttering is also key. As homely as you think your property is with all of your knick knacks and trinkets on show, to a potential buyer it’s just going to look like unnecessary mess that stops them from picturing their own items in the property.

Forget sentiment and have a little de-clutter, the main aim is to make a sale not to show off your pottery collection and children’s art work.

Renovate and extend existing home

The term ‘renovate’ scares most people, however it doesn’t have to mean scaffolding up every side of your house. Renovations can be more subtle and simple.

Consider getting a conservatory or orangery, they are very popular and well sought after when it comes to potential buyers looking for a new home. Not only do they give a home extra space and great views of the garden but they also add value to a property.

Conservatories and orangeries are aesthetically pleasing too but they also allow you to save energy. The natural light that they draw into the house means that internal lights can be left switched off.

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