Care and professionalism are at our core. All Clearview installers will look after your home and work tirelessly to ensure an expert finish, a perfect installation and a job that you can be proud of.


Every installation begins with an accurate survey. A Clearview surveyor will visit your home, check your property and record the correct dimensions for your new frames. Once those have been taken, only then will we authorise manufacture – because everything is made to measure.

As well as determining that structural openings and their surroundings are in good condition, the surveyor will also ensure that your chosen frame styles are suitable.

Installation Focus - Surveying


To ensure your home is protected during the installation process, our team will lay down dust sheets and remove any valuables from the areas.

Once the work is completed, they’ll tidy up, clear any mess and debris and leave your home as good as new!

Clearview - Care & Attention


Your existing frames, including any old sealant and debris, will be removed and then recycled.

At this point, your new frames will be carefully put into place before being secured to ensure a perfect installation befitting Clearview.

Installation Focus - Fitting


Your glazed units will then be put into position before beading is tapped securely into place. If trims are required, these will be measured and fitted at this stage.

The frame and glass will then be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and grit before a layer of sealant are applied between the frame and wall.

Installation Focus - Glazing


To finish, our install team will clean all the external surfaces again before placing a final layer of silicone between the brickwork and the window frame to ensure a perfect, watertight finish.

Once that has been completed, you can stand back and admire your sparkling new Clearview windows!

Clearview - Care & Attention


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Preston, Nantwich or Warrington showrooms, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.



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