Do I Need Building Regulation Approval for a New Build Solid Roof Conservatory / Orangery or Garden Room?

Similar to when trying to discover whether building regulation approval is required when upgrading an existing conservatory roof to a solid roof, you will find a wide and varying opinion on this across the broad spectrum of LABC (Local Authority Building control) authorities in England as well as installers.

Clearview is in the know

If a local authority classes a solid roof extension as a ‘building regulation exempt’ structure, there will be the usual caveat that thermal separation must be maintained. If you research this further however, you will find an unequivocal opinion that these structures are classed as single storey extensions and they should be built to building regulation standards and carry the appropriate certification.

At Clearview, we build to the required high specification and provide all of the necessary building inspections and final certification for all of our new build solid roof projects. This ensures that the footings are built to the required depth and width, that a wider cavity wall is built and that the base, walls and roof have the required upgraded insulation. Without building regulations, an installer can work to a substandard specification in all areas of the build.

Replacement Solid Roof

Here’s what we’ve learned over the years

In our experience, the majority of customers want more than just an extension; they want to integrate the new structure fully into the property through several methods. This usually involves forming a spacious opening between the property and the extension which requires structural calculations by our Structural Engineer to prove the new opening. It also requires specialist ‘heat loss’ calculations so that the extension can be sold as an ‘open plan’ extension with the property. In 25% of new build cases, our customers are fitting brand new kitchens into their extensions, thus creating a spacious new dynamic within the property.

Please don’t get caught out

There are installers who will undertake a new build extension project without building it to or obtaining building regulation inspections and approval. Again, Clearview would encourage you to investigate this for yourself further, and establish why a company would avoid this service and sidestep their duty of care to you.

We always give building regulation approval thorough consideration as you will note when discussing such potential requirements with our team.


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