Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Great Addition For The Summer

We’re finding that lots of our customers are getting their homes summer-ready as they prepare to take their annual vacation at home this year. Let’s just hope for some brilliant weather! 

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Homecations can be really fun, and you can make just as many memories during a home-based holiday as you would heading abroad – it’s what you make of it.  

If you are looking to invest in your property ahead of a home summer break, what will definitely benefit your home holidaying experience is a set of bi-folding doors.

Why bi-folding doors in particular? We can explain:

Combine indoor and outdoor settings

The kids will want to be outside when the sun’s out, while you might be more content inside reading a book. 

Whether you have just a 2-pane design or something more, the large opening that a bi-fold creates will make the indoors and outdoors feel like one unified space. 

It will enable everyone to move freely between the two settings, and if the rain comes, you can always quickly fold them shut. 

Keep you cool

A heatwave this summer would be most welcome, we’re sure you’ll agree.  

So that you don’t get a sweat on  indoors if temperatures hit the 30+ degree mark, you can fully extend a bi-folding door open to allow a nice, cool breeze to enter and stop you getting hot and bothered.

It’ll almost act like a fan, but unlike a traditional fan, you won’t need to rely on energy to power it, saving you money. 

Easy outdoor eating

If you’re a true Brit, you’ve got to have a barbecue. It’ll make up for missing out on those al fresco meals you usually have when abroad. 

In preparation for those sausages and burgers coming off the grill, you will need to setup your outside dining table with cutlery, plates, relishes etc. 

It will make your life a whole lot easier if you can have the wide opening offered by a bi-folding door to transport them from the kitchen to the garden. 

Are bi-folding doors on your home improvement shopping list for the summer? You’ll need to be quick and get them ordered from Clearview, starting by requesting a FREE quote today.

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