Why It’s A Gamble To Add A Solid Roof Without Building Regulations Approval

If you are spending lockdown with a decent number of people and the house you are all sharing has a conservatory, it would make sense to use the extension to the full. But there won’t have been much chance for you to do that if the lovely weather we’ve had over the past few weeks has turned it into too much of a hot spot. 

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Old glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs don’t do a good job of keeping out excess heat, leaving conservatory interiors unbearably warm. To resolve this issue after lockdown, you need to get a solid roofing system fitted, however, not until you’ve firstly checked if building regulations approval is necessary. 

There’a a conflict of opinion between local authorities, with some saying solid roofs need building regulations approval and others saying the total opposite. 

It mostly all depends on if the conservatory’s existing framework has the structural integrity to cope with the weight of a solid roof, which though lightweight, can become heavy with snow loading. 

One of the main voice’s of authority in the home improvement industry, the Glass and Glazing Federation, advises that upgrading to a solid roof turns a formerly temporary extension into a permanent structure and you should seek guidance from your local authority building control team before doing anything. 

A big advantage of having Clearview manage your solid roof installation is that we will do the relevant checks to ensure that no rules are infringed and the new roofing system is fit for purpose. 

You shouldn’t trust any solid roof supplier that automatically dismisses the possibility of building regulations approval being necessary for a solid roof, without having a basis for such a bold claim. It could lead to headaches down the line if you did. 

Selling your home will be difficult without a building regulations certificate for the solid roof as this documentation will be requested from you by most buyers. This will leave you with no option but to apply for retrospective building regulations approval from LABC (Local Authority Building Control), which will take time and won’t necessarily be granted – what do you do then?

If you have all the permissions needed for a solid roof, it will be a strong selling-point and add extra value to the property, so it’s well worth doing things completely by the book. 


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