Could Comparing Bills Be The Key To Cheaper Energy?

A day does not go by without some new report coming out informing us of the very latest initiative designed to help us cut the cost of our energy bills and today is no different. Think-tank Policy Exchange have commissioned a report which claims that homeowners could save up to 70 pounds per year if given the chance to compare their bills with their neighbours.

They believe that allowing a homeowner to see proof that a neighbour’s home is more energy efficient will give them the motivation necessary to make a conscious effort to achieve similar results.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but what you can be certain of is that the installation of double glazing in Blackpool or double glazing in Preston will definitely help to cut the cost of energy. And who better to supply and install it on your behalf than Clearview Home Improvements.

Clearview are one of the most respected home improvement companies in the North West of England with showrooms located in Nantwich, Preston and Warrington. We have experience in fitting brand new windows in homes young and old and possess a top team of design consultants; highly experienced when it comes to making households energy efficient.

But why Clearview windows specifically? Well for starters, we can promise that they will eliminate draughts and heat loss forever so that full use is made of every single bit of energy produced by your heating system.

They also look good as we can apply a wide range of different finishes to each window frame so that your window colour complements the rest of your home. Even when coming into contact with poor weather, your chosen finish will remain the same; stylish, elegant and aesthetically-pleasing.

Visit your nearest Clearview showroom today and begin your fight against expensive energy.

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