Have You Read Our New Solid Roof Buyer’s Guide?

If you know someone who owns a conservatory or orangery that’s more than 10 years old, you might have heard them complaining about the space being far too cold in winter and way too hot in summer.

It’s a common complaint levelled against conservatories and orangeries with basic glass and polycarbonate roofs, and deeply frustrating for those affected as it stops them using their extension for a large portion of the year.

What they could do with to resolve the problem is a tiled solid roof – a product that can be retrospectively integrated into most existing extensions and ready-fitted to new-build extensions.

Solid roofs were one of the biggest innovations to come out of the industry in the last decade and home improvement suppliers everywhere are now selling them, including Clearview.

There are various forms of solid roof on the market. Getting the right one requires a small amount of effort and should see a buyer e.g. visiting local showrooms to see their options in the flesh and checking that the installation will be registered with their local authority and supplied with an insurance-backed guarantee.

A quality solid roof will give an extension owner an all-year round usable room, and though very lightweight, has the rigidity needed to withstand the very worst weather conditions.

When used as a replacement roof, any decent installation company will perform tests to determine whether the existing frames and base are strong enough to take the weight of a new roof.

Steer clear of those offering a clad over roof as a replacement solution because it comes with many different pitfalls and will often cause more problems than it solves.

Insist on a real tiled roof system, which will typically only take several days to fit once the relevant permissions have been obtained.

We strongly recommend that you request a solid roof if you are planning to extend your own home this year.

Doing so will assure you of internal comfort, in any weather, right from the off and for years down the line.

Clearview will carefully plan it all with you and present you with four possible roof tile options:

  • Modern Tile
  • Modern Slate
  • Traditional Tile
  • Traditional Slate

We’ll also talk you through all the available accessories for our solid roofing systems, such as Velux windows, skylights and roof lanterns.


If you need any further information about solid roofs, you may find what you want to know in our impartial and detailed solid roof buyers guide. It covers everything to do with solid roofs and is an essential read for anyone looking to buy one. Get your FREE copy here: Solid Roof Buyers Guide

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