Introducing Clearview’s NEW Extreme Solid Core Doors

Rejoice! You have yet another new product range to choose from at Clearview as we celebrate the release of our Extreme Solid Core Doors, and we promise you, there has never been a suite of composite doors like them before.

It’s a big claim to make, but a justifiable one in our mind.

Composite doors are renowned for their toughness, but an Extreme Solid Core Door surpasses the ‘ordinary’ foam-filled composite door for strength by a considerable distance, making it one of the most secure composite doors ever.

It has an incredible sixteen layers of laminated timber in its unique 48mm solid core, and this super-secure layering is why an Extreme Solid Core Door is easily the best in its class. You also get an ‘Auto-Engage’ locking system as standard for a further protective measure.

We are extremely proud that the Extreme Solid Core Door meets the requirements of the Police Flagship Initiative – Secured by Design. This tells you all you need to know about its secure credentials.

Secure, but stylish too

Creating one of the world’s strongest composite doors wasn’t all that we wanted to do when conceiving this trailblazing collection of composites.

It was important to us that the Extreme Solid Core Door looked absolutely exquisite too, and no-one could argue that it doesn’t.

Available in 16 exclusive designs, 22 fabulous colours, from a plain white to a majestic mauve, and a beautiful range of hardware and accessories, once installed, an Extreme Solid Core Door will take the kerb appeal of your home to completely new heights.

20 year guarantee

Like every other product at Clearview, our Extreme Solid Core Doors come with a 20 year guarantee. This keeps you covered for an exceptionally long period of time, not that you should need the door fixing inside of two decades.


Clearview continuously likes to push the boundaries in design and development, and Extreme Solid Core Doors are yet another example of that. Click here for a FREE copy of a brochure dedicated to this exciting new range.




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