Did You Know We Have A 20 Year Guarantee On All Our Products?

If you scour the internet for home improvement companies, and / or pay a visit to the local showroom of several of them, you will discover that the average length of guarantee they provide lasts for 10 years.

A 10 year guarantee is pretty much the industry standard, but in our opinion, it doesn’t go far enough!

Clearview is one of the very few businesses in this industry that can give you a much longer spell of peace of mind when you purchase windows, doors or a lifestyle extension – a 20 year guarantee.

We are very content supplying customers with a 20 year guarantee as we have complete confidence that our entire suite of products will last for at least this amount of time.

The advanced facilities we use to develop our home improvements ensure that our design and manufacturing standards are nothing short of world-class and we create everything with the very best materials and components.

We don’t make anything available to our customers until it has been strenuously tested. Only once we’re certain that an item makes the grade do we then add it to our supply line.

Our products could easily outlast your stay at your property.

You may decide to move on before the 20 years is up and it will be in your favour that your windows and doors won’t need replacing by the next incumbent of the house.

This guarantee is also consistent with our self-established Environmental Policy.

The aim of this policy is to encourage homeowners to use their windows and doors for longer to prevent over consumption and minimise carbon emissions.

As they’re all energy efficient, our products will also help you make big money savings on future fuel costs, paying for themselves over time.


Don’t accept anything less than a 20 year guarantee. Come to Clearview for double the usual guarantee, and double the quality. Get a FREE quote delivered to you now.




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