5 Energy Saving Tips From Clearview For Big Energy Saving Week

As has been the case during the third week in January over the last few years, it’s once again Big Energy Saving Week in the UK.

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Collectively setup by Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust, its purpose is to advise homeowners of how they can cut their energy costs to save money and save the planet.

Most energy-saving measures are simple to implement, as demonstrated in the five-energy saving ideas we have come up with:

  1. Switch to a cheaper tariff by switching supplier

It’s very unlikely you are on the cheapest energy tariff if you’ve never switched energy supplier before.

The switching process has been simplified and accelerated in recent years, but 23% of Brits admit they’ve still never switched energy providers.

If you’re one of them, it’s time you got your current gas and electricity bill and found a more affordable energy package on a comparison site.

You will just have to put in your annual gas and electricity consumption, and once you have signed up to a new supplier, they will get you switched over.

  1. Knock that Digi Box off and all other energy hungry appliances

Who isn’t guilty of being too lazy to switch off an appliance at the wall or pull the plug on it and leaving it on standby instead? We’ve all done it, but we need to stop as it costs us money.

According to yourmoney.com, the electrical item that wastes the most money when left on standby is the Digital TV Box (£25.91 per year).

Some do it because they want something recorded overnight, but with catch-up services you can usually download them the next day anyway.

  1. Change to energy saving lightbulbs

We rely on our lighting an awful lot during the dark winter months. It’s time to remove all your normal lightbulbs for energy saving lightbulbs.

They do cost slightly more to buy, but they last a lot longer and over their 10 year+ lifespan, just one energy saving lightbulb will save you up to £100.

  1. Don’t overfill your kettle

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

We love hearing those words in this country, but too many of us our overfilling our kettles, wasting £68 million collectively in total.

Measure out how much water you need per cup and only fill the kettle with that amount of water. It will also make sure the kettle boils quicker too.

  1. Install energy efficient windows and doors

Experts roughly estimate that around 25-40% of heat loss at home is caused by poor window and door insulation.

Do you feel a slight chill indoors when the weather’s cold? If so, it’s your windows and doors that are to blame.

The logical thing to do is to have new energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors installed by Clearview. Our Windows & Doors brochure will tell you why else they’re worth buying.






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