3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying A Kitchen Extension

Over the last decade, home lifestyles have hugely evolved. Whereas it would always be the living room that families headed for to chill out and chat, it’s now the kitchen where conversation is cooked up. 

Extended Kitchen Area

While the kitchen still remains a hot spot for dining, it’s become a more multi-functional space, or at least it has in many households. 

If your kitchen isn’t set up for diverse usage, you ought to look into having a new kitchen extension built into your property.

Clearview specialises in kitchen extensions and can give you a design that caters for everything with none of the weak points found in some kitchens. 

Here are 3 of the biggest mistakes often made with kitchen designs:

Insufficient lighting

Having a well-lit kitchen is key, particularly in task areas, such as by a sink, over a hob or above countertops. They need strong lighting so that you can carry out kitchen tasks easily.

Integrated spotlights at the bottom of your kitchen cupboards are always a good form of lighting, and if you have a kitchen island where family members like to sit and relax, have a low-hanging pendant light placed above it. 

Make the most of natural light by including a skylight in the roof of the extension.

Not enough work surfaces

Any keen cook needs lots of work surfaces to prep meals and dish up all those family favourites. They also need plenty of appliances to help them rustle up these tasty treats. 

Be mindful of this when designing your kitchen extension, ensuring there are enough work surfaces for you to use, and that they’re all located in the right areas. 

Not obtaining planning permission

Some kitchen extensions enjoy Permitted Development Rights, which means that they comply with planning laws and no submission for planning permission is needed. 

However, this doesn’t apply to all kitchen extensions, so it’s really important that you clarify the situation with your local planning department before work starts on the project. 

It will come back to bite you if you proceed without planning permission when you should have obtained it. Ask the planning department if it will also need building regulations approval too. 

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