How To Amplify Those Home Summer Views

How To Amplify Those Home Summer Views

In the sunshine, Britain looks a very different place to how it does when the rain is falling, and we’re hoping for plenty of balmy, clear days now that summer has come around.

Favourable conditions underline the many colours of our landscape and bring focus to the different landmarks there are in our villages, towns, and cities.

Be grateful if your house treats you to an engaging view and embrace it as much as possible whilst daylight hours are extended.

Taking a few moments to absorb scenic vistas is a great way to disconnect from things and reset the mind.

The suggested products and advice will help you maximise your outdoor viewing experience in summer and onwards.

Feature Door

A bi-folding door can reward you with a practically undisturbed view as its design can be neatly folded out of the way so that you hardly notice it’s there whilst gazing out at the world.

Opening a house is achievable to an impressive extent with French doors and patio doors too, it’s just that a bi-fold goes that bit further due to its radical opening mechanism.

The trim profile of each three of the feature doors allows glass to occupy the bulk of their arrangement, interfering with your eye line very little. Increased door sizes are available on request if space permits and added transparency is sought.

The inside of an extension featuring bi-folding doors

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Going super-sized with windows in the area where a view has most prominence is a logical choice and there’s an added stylishness to full height window openings.

Light capture will inevitably be greater as the glass volume is higher, filling rooms with abundant vibrancy in a perhaps previously light-poor location.

Aluminium would be the recommended window material for floor-to-ceiling windows so that a charming outdoor terrain can be extensively consumed through what would be glass-dominated designs.

An extension with Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Window Seat

Some window styles are set up to have a window seat pressed close to them from where you can observe external life.

With a bay window, you could install a wood or upholstered bench underneath, put down a seat cover, and layer it with a cosy blanket, throw etc., and cushions for a snug space to have a nosy at what’s going on outside, reading, or napping.

Compartments are contained within some window seats, which is a useful feature to have when there’s a dearth of storage in your house.

Bay window

Rely on mirrors, lighting, and additional Clearview products to uplift a view beyond the ideas already given. Our team will disclose what difference they can make when you meet with them for a design appointment.


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