I Want To Fit A Solid Roof To My Conservatory, Do I Need Planning Permission?

There is a definite chill in the air as we inch ever closer to the winter months, especially if you have walked into your existing conservatory with its old roofing system.

In all likelihood, the roof will have ceased providing the thermal efficiency needed to keep the interior warm and you will feel very noticeable draughts floating their way around the space when it’s cold outside.

Demolishing the structure and building a brand new energy efficient conservatory in its place isn’t necessary as you can just replace the current roof for a solid roof covering.

But before you get ahead of yourself you need to be aware there is a possibility that planning permission may be required ahead of any solid roof installation taking place.

What you need to know about solid roofs, planning permission and all other related requirements:

  • When replacing a translucent conservatory roof for a solid roof you must obtain Building Regulatory Approval.


  • A “change of use” occurs when replacing a glass roof for a solid insulated roof as it causes the structure to be classed as permanent rather than temporary. This may necessitate planning permission.


  • A planning application will need to be submitted, along with a full Building Regulations application, when your conservatory has a translucent roof and was built with planning approval.


  • You may be ordered to make adjustments to the conservatory and account for ventilation via roof vents and trickle vents by your local Building Control Officer when there is a “change of use”.


  • There is a possibility that your conservatory is no longer considered to be a “Permitted Development” and you will have to apply for planning permission.

Further guidance on solid roof installations is provided by the Local Authorities Building Control who say: “your local authority building control team is likely to ensure that the roof and supporting structure fully complies with the Building Regulations.”

Sold on a solid roof? Clearview will take care of everything

After reading this piece you may be thinking that getting a solid roof installation commissioned could prove to be a hassle, but that needn’t be the case.

Clearview’s consultants’ are experienced at doing the necessary work needed to obtain planning permission when required – you can leave it all in their very capable hands.

The only trouble you will have is deciding on which of our replacement tiled conservatory roofs works best.


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