Best home improvements to update your 1970s home

With properties built in the 1970s being a common and popular home, many are looking to add a new lease of life to their property but what is the best home improvement? What style is appropriate? What will add value to the property?

Luckily for those who own properties constructed in the 1970s the notion of building a property in line with family lifestyle was starting to come into effect. Many houses from that era have ample gardens, front and back, as well as storage space in the shape of a loft.

To maximise on your 1970s property and what it has to offer here’s these are the best home improvements to make not only in terms of adding to your quality of life but also your bank balance by adding value.

Conservatory / Orangery

Adding a conservatory or orangery increases your floor space, adds an additional room and a desire feature to your home. Hopefully without taking too much space from your garden. In more recent times this extra room has commonly been used as a dining room, a play room or the elusive man cave.


In some cases properties can feel dark and enclosed by adding a skylight this automatically allows light to beam through the darkness, can permit more fresh into the home and a larger feel to the property.


If you feel like you need that little bit of extra space to ease the busy home life? By simply adding a porch you create a hallway, a shoe store, coat area and drying umbrellas. It doesn’t even break the bank to do so, meaning you are onto a winner on all counts.

Windows and Doors

As double glazing started to become into the private property market from the late 1960s-70s some 1970s house may have been built without double glazing. There could be some properties with the original single glazed windows or double glazed windows in need or replacing due to age and wear and tear. Having double glazing, which is easy to maintain and keeps the heat in, will always add value onto your home as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.

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