How Do I Stay Cool This Summer In My Conservatory?

It seems nonsensical for anyone to be dismissive of the stunning weather we have enjoyed recently, but it is understandable if you own a conservatory that overheats in hot conditions – sitting inside an exceptionally warm conservatory just isn’t fun.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory

Unless you take some suitable courses of action your conservatory will remain out of bounds throughout the entire summer which makes no sense as it’s a place that should be at its busiest at this time of the year.

There are lots of things you can do to cool down your conservatory this summer…

Solid roof installation

Any weather-related issues you are experiencing could be as a result of the current conservatory roofing system as old polycarbonate and glass roofs are notoriously poor at keeping warm temperatures out.

You can have the existing conservatory roof removed and have a specially crafted solid roof installed in its place.

Fitted in just a few days, a solid roof consists of lightweight slates / tiles that deliver superb insulation and keep conservatory interiors cool. These slates / tiles look so much like the real thing that the roof will blend in beautifully with the original conservatory design.

Roof Windows

When discussing solid roofs with one of our consultants they will mention the possibility of including roof windows in the roof.

These roof windows compensate for any loss of natural light that occurs as a consequence of the solid roof installation and can also be used to ventilate the space.

Whether you have one or more roof windows, you can just push them open whenever you start to get a little sweat on.


You can buy various types of conservatory blinds – Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds etc.

They come in a vast array of patterns and colours to help you stylise the space, and not only that, these blinds can also help shield the interior from the sun.

Get them properly made-to-measure and they’ll also be useful for enhancing privacy as you can always draw the blinds when you want to shut off sight of the conservatory interior from the outside world.

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