Did you know that our guarantee is double the industry standard? Yes, it gives you 20 years of cover, promising you a replacement roof that will perform to an exceptional standard for at least two decades.


Changing from one conservatory roof to another is a big switch, one that will have a significant impact, so you need to buy the best replacement roof that’s available. Accept nothing less!

Hard to believe, but there are some roofing companies that don’t offer a guarantee and others that provide a guarantee that isn’t insurance backed. Our 20-year guarantee is a huge selling-point for customers, especially as it is insurance backed – they know they’re getting a roof that will last. What makes our replacement roofs so good is that they’re made using the finest materials and components and brought to life in a hi-tech manufacturing facility.

Windows Guarantee


We care deeply about the environment and have devised our own Environmental Policy. The upshot of developing replacement roofs that last so long is that it eradicates the need for a customer to replace their roof further down the line. From an environmental perspective, this also minimises over consumption and carbon emissions.

You may never have needed to replace your conservatory roof before and will hope you don’t need to again. The likelihood of any additional replacement roof is tiny as our roofs come with a 20-year guarantee, over which period you will make a huge saving on energy. Your living space will never have felt so good!

Windows Guarantee