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Solid Core Doors

For a door with intense durability, look no further than our Solid Core Door range – taking home security to new levels.

Unlike other composite doors you’ll find on the market, the Extreme Solid Core Door boasts sixteen layers of laminated timber in its unique 48mm solid core. This super-secure layering ensures your door is much stronger and more robust against the threat of break-ins. Inspired by today’s modern demands, our signature Extreme Solid Core door offers a mix of extreme features not found anywhere else.

With our ‘Auto-Engage’ locking system as standard, your door will automatically engage upon closing, for super-strong compression, keeping your property free of drafts and protected from the threat of would-be intruders. There’s no compromise on style either, our fabulous range of classic and contemporary styles will really help you make your mark.

Extreme Solid Core Door

We have a fabulous range of glass designs to match your chosen door.  Select your ideal level of privacy with a design to compliment your style choice, from ultra-modern to cottage classic.  All our glass designs are super energy efficient to keep your home warm and cosy inside whilst letting in the perfect level of natural light for your requirements.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door

Solid core door features

Your standard door design provides a fraction of the strength that you get with a Solid Core Door. There are also features that are completely exclusive to the design.

We’ve yet to come across a house style that hasn’t been improved by the addition of a Solid Core Door. If the design needs to be modified or altered in any way, we can attend to that as we want it to be perfect for your home and prove worth the investment.