How To Enjoy Your Conservatory Year Round

Buying a conservatory ranks alongside things like buying a house or a brand new car as one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.

Edwardian Conservatory Roof Replacement

Would you be happy only being able to live in your home at certain times of the year or only being able to drive your car every now and again? We imagine not. So equally, you shouldn’t be happy about having to abandon your conservatory over the winter months due to it offering insufficient comfort in cold conditions. But that’s the situation faced by many conservatory owners.

If you’re one of them and you’d love nothing more than to host the Christmas dinner in your conservatory without the usual chilly atmosphere inside, Clearview has some advice to help you make it feel consistently cosy.

Replace the existing roof for a solid roof

The thermal insulation offered by many old glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs is poor. Heat very easily escapes through them and they’re ineffective at keeping the weather out. The logical solution is to replace your current roofing system and exchange it for a solid roof covering.

It will be custom-built for your conservatory so that it fits perfectly and will massively enhance insulation. The lightweight slates / tiles used in the roof can be chosen in a style / colour that complement not only the extension, but also the slates / tiles on the roof of your house. Very often we can retain the current base and windows, so long as we’re absolutely sure they can withstand the weight of the new roof.

Install some blinds

Some attractive and nicely patterned conservatory blinds will give the inside of the extension character and also aid with heat promotion and retention when they’re opened and closed.

Just like you open and draw your curtains at the appropriate times of the day, you should do the same with your conservatory blinds to exploit any warmth generated by the sun and keep any coldness out.

Put down some rugs

When you walk into a conservatory with an icy cold floor in bare feet or just some socks on it can make the place feel colder than it actually is. Underfloor heating is an option, but too costly an option for many people.

Get some comfort under foot by adding one or more thick rugs to the floor. A carpeted area may also be a possibility, just make sure that you try and avoid any spillages on any pale carpeting.

For an immediate all year-round living space, order a brand new conservatory or orangery from Clearview. Sit down and plan it out during a home or showroom appointment with one of our consultants.

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