Ways Of Utilising Less Energy In The Home

News that British Gas and E.ON will be raising their prices is certain to have an effect on millions of Britons as the cost of energy once again climbs to an all-time high. With winter looming many people will be desperately trying to utilise less energy without it resulting in cold surroundings.

There are many different ways of saving energy in the home and below are a few suggestions of how:


Rather than solely rely on traditional lighting at night why not scatter a few candles around your home and illuminate it on the cheap. Candles can be bought relatively inexpensively and once they come to an end can easily be replaced. They can also help create a romantic and cosy atmosphere.


Only boil the kettle when you definitely intend on having a cup of tea or coffee. Many people boil the kettle unnecessarily which can consume a large amount of energy all on its own. To also keep those water bills down only use as much water as you need, never overfilling the kettle.


Stand next to your existing windows and if you feel any cold air managing to pass its way through then you know the time has come to get them replaced. Double glazing in Stockport, double glazing in Manchester and double glazing in Oldham is a necessity for any modern home looking to prevent heat loss and keep bills down.

Switching Off

Whenever any room in your home is left unoccupied always remember to turn the lights off. The same goes for any appliances that are not currently in use e.g. TVs, radios, as they will still continue to consume energy even when left on standby. Take the time to pull the plug out and put switches in the off position.


You can always look to insulate your loft or the walls of your home when you want to make your home a warmer place. Certain energy companies provide free insulation which too few people take advantage of so it is always worth contacting your supplier to see if they have anything to offer.

Cover Up

Try to avoid summer-type clothing in the midst of winter and turning up the thermostat to compensate for it. Dress appropriately for the time of year wearing jumpers and cardigans so that it does not cost you a fortune to stay warm. You will feel the benefit of it!

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