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Replacement Solid Roofs

Light & balance in perfect balance when choosing a solid roof for your conservatory or home extension. Let the light in and open up your living space…
Choosing a replacement solid roof for your conservatory...

A replacement solid roof from Clearview, will turn your old conservatory or extension into a comfortable, thermally efficient and stylish space for use all year round. Whether you’re converting an existing glazed conservatory or modernising an old extension, the replacement solid roof guarantees to add a wow factor to your home.

Its design flexibility allows you to create a roof that perfectly matches your home. With the ability to be built in almost any shape or size a replacement solid roof offers you the ultimate in design flexibility as you can insert shaped glass anywhere in the contemporary grey roof.

Replacement Solid Roof & Frames
Why a replacement solid roof?

The replacement solid roof from Clearview offers the best of both solid and glass roofs. Glazed units can be inserted into the roof to sit alongside the replacement solid roofs stylish grey solid panels in any shape or configuration, allowing you to create a stunning hybrid design that’s other roof options cannot achieve.

Inside, the replacement solid roof is breath-taking. It delivers a magnificent vaulted ceiling and an internal pelmet around its perimeter, into which lights can be installed. Plus, inside the roof’s ridge, you can insert or hang lights in places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a traditional vaulted or suspended ceiling.

Replacement Solid Roof & Frames

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Learn more about the different replacement roofs available

Clearview has a definitive array of replacement solid roof systems for conservatories and extensions. You can have a glass roof to fully absorb aerial views, a tiled roof with authentic tiles, lantern roof for an architectural centrepiece, or flat roof with built-in skylights.

Replacement Glass Roofs

Train your eyes on the compelling colours of the sky through the transparency of a glass roof and lose yourself in them whilst savouring supreme comfort. Massive strides have been made in solar control glazing, with it possessing erudite coatings and tints to stop the escape of heat and seize upon the warming rays of the sun, coaxing it inside. Heat release can also be stemmed by an insulated pelmet – something worth enquiring about with the Clearview team.

Incorporating the freshest weather proofing technology, our glass roof will win the battle against the elements, every time. Simplify future roof maintenance by specifying self-cleaning or easy-clean glass.

Glass Roof Orangery Detail

Replacement Tiled Roofs

Experience everyday home living within the welcoming atmosphere of a replacement tiled roof conservatory or orangery, perfectly fused into your property. Mighty strong and thermally efficient, it’s a roofing solution that will unquestionably endure. Available in slate, shingle or traditional roof tiles, a Clearview tiled roof is easily adjustable and can therefore be crafted to suit yours or anybody else’s home. Tell us to design-in Velux windows or large glazed panels into the roof to cajole extra light in and create the illusion of added spaciousness.

Tiled roofs are a guaranteed avenue to establishing enhanced insulation and disallowing external conditions to have any nullifying effect on comfort. They utilise the most recently developed roof tile system, renowned for its robustness and resilience.

Tiled Roof Orangery Extension

Replacement Lantern Roofs

Searching for a very different type of roof? A lantern roof will be a mightily impressive figure in your conservatory or orangery and elevate its presence. The glazed pitch will deliver copious volumes of light to the interior from multiple angles to intensify brightness levels and seemingly increase spaciousness. Utilising the slimmest of glazing bars, any of Clearview’s lantern roofs will become an unmissable focal point.

Get as involved in the design process as much as you want and tailor the lantern roof to whatever degree you feel necessary, providing input on glazing and frame types. As a standard feature, your lantern roof will encompass thermally efficient solar control glazing, which is beneficial in so many ways.

Lantern Roof Orangery

Replacement Flat Roofs & Skylights

Invite the sky to join you inside your conservatory with a contemporary flat roof that possesses a pristine finish and generates a warm and bright ambience. Featuring beautifully crisp lines and tinted glass, a skylight looks as breathtaking internally as it does externally, and it will be hard to avert your gaze from it. Just about any version of a flat roof extension can accommodate a skylight, which initiates a great balance of comfort and picturesque views.

Built to include up-to-the-minute weather proofing, it will successfully counter our temperamental elements without a hint of difficulty. Request self-cleaning or easy-clean glass to lower maintenance requirements.

Flat Roof Extensions

You should also replace your window frames

Refraining from also replacing your tired old window frames at the same time as upgrading to a replacement solid roof could have consequences, such as impeding the extreme thermal efficiency offered by the roof. Think of it this way – if your windows are losing heat, it nullifies the performance of the roof. Have us attend to a combined roof and window update.

Our Extreme UPVC window collection...

Go to the Extreme and invest in UPVC windows that will turn your replacement solid roof conservatory into a far cosier, peaceful, and secure location. UPVC accounts for everything you’d want it to – tough, resilient, cost-effective, and a fine insulating material. Rely on it to keep those energy bills down and give a big boost to your thermal comfort.

Extreme UPVC windows also include advanced locking mechanisms to help you feel safe. There are 9 visible locking points and 2 high compression hinge bolts, which provides 3X more protection than traditional windows.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Could you have envisaged a window this good?

Envisage windows were conceived by our team of designers as we looked to create a modernised imitation of early traditional timber windows. A flush design, they retain the same simple lines and proportions, and have a compatibility with traditional and contemporary extensions. The opening lights do not protrude from the frame, an essential prerequisite for the Envisage flush windows range. It’s sufficiently adaptable and succeeds in offering immense security and insulation.

Heritage, rustic, and minimalist properties are ripe for having Envisage flush windows added to them because of the window’s retro aesthetic.

Envisage Flush Windows

A collection to eclipse all other aluminium systems...

Eclipse aluminium windows are exclusive to Clearview and have been talentedly handcrafted by some of the UK’s most adept craftspeople. They have colossal strength and great looks to go with it, just what any fruitful conservatory transformation commands. Essentially, Eclipse aluminium windows bear the durability to stand firm against the weather. Because of the slimness of the frames, Eclipse increases the normal glazed area, and more glass means more natural light. This is all without any jeopardising of security or thermal performance.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Powder-coating emphasises our aluminium finishes...

The colours on our Eclipse aluminium windows really stand out from the frames and customers want to know how. It’s the colouring procedure we follow to apply the finishes, which is an 11-stage powder-coating process. Our woodgrains are forged in a different manner, via sublimation, and come in three options – Oak, Rosewood, and Walnut. In no exaggeration, they could easily pass as authentic wood finishes.

Elegantly fashioned handles...

Clearview is honoured to use some of the industry’s most skilled craftspeople, who exhibit unbelievable mastery in the creation of our traditional and modern handles. You’ll be blown away by the intricacy and detailing.

Don’t forget to look at replacement doors

How you want your replacement solid roof conservatory to function will have an influence over what door to include in the space. Does a classic French door stir your emotions or are you an appreciator of the ingenuity of bi-folding doors? Find a door that adds extra class to the location and offers a gorgeous garden gateway.

French Doors

Families with young children will find much to like about French doors as they will encourage the regular exchanging of the indoors for the outdoors. The double opening is uncomplex to manoeuvre and results in the most magnificent garden entryway from the confines of a replacement solid roof conservatory. Open either door independently of the other or capitalise on the full double opening in summer to get lots of air flow inside.

French doors are not preserved for external use and can be utilised as a connecting point between a replacement solid roof conservatory and a home interior for separation.

Grey Conservatory with French Doors

Patio Doors

You mustn’t let space go to waste in replacement solid roof conservatories and should fully embrace all of it, a luxury that patio doors will oblige in providing. With no opening sashes, you can have furniture placed close-up to patio doors without it interfering with its sliding mechanism.

The stainless-steel runners help a patio door run along so freely when you push or pull it open and closed. Giant glazed inserts promote incredible light gain to enhance the feeling of space. Needless to say, our sliding patio doors accomplish the utmost security and thermal standards and are easily personalised.

Anthracite Grey Patio Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Style counts for a lot and bi-folding doors are at the height of fashion in the replacement door market, their unique folding mechanism letting you open whole walls into gardens and patios. Folding them completely back at the end of the track treats you to a wonderfully obstructed view from a replacement solid roof conservatory.

Particularly useful for larger openings, it only takes a matter of seconds to remove any indoor-outdoor barrier with a bi-folding door. Along with simple functioning, bi-folding doors also meet secure credentials and seamlessly protect against the weather.

Modern Grey Orangery with Bi-Fold Doors

Single Doors

A single door in your replacement solid roof conservatory, like a well-glazed UPVC or composite door, will let you indulge in a simple and practical opening. It’s even possible to include a stable door if you’d like a solution with top and bottom sections that you can open and close at your leisure.

These doors fit the mould of being super-secure so that you don’t receive any unwelcome visitors into the conservatory i.e. thieves.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory

Orangery Door Hardware

The final touches, including your choice of hardware, should all be incorporated into the overall design of your new orangery with the aim of enhancing your desired aesthetic.

It’s easy to consider the security aspect of your window handles as we have an assortment of high-security hardware. Our friendly designers can guide you through your options.

  • Increased burglar protection with self locking elements.
  • Latchbolts secured against manipulation when door is closed.
  • Fully enclosed components offer optimum comfort.

“When first invited to walk into our replacement solid roof conservatory, we instantly felt the difference from how used to be prior to the transformation. It’s like we’ve regained a new space all over again.”

Mr & Mrs Kelly

You control the light in your replacement solid roof...

A replacement solid roof has a flexible design, so we can adapt the product for buildings of most shapes and styles, and pitch it as low as 5°. The placement of shaped glazing can occur in any area of the roof, wherever you want to most capture light.

There cannot be any disputing that our solid roof system is the most configurable and feature-laden product in this category currently available today. Discover what else goes into our replacement solid roofs in a one-to-one appointment.

Replacement Solid Roof & Frames
A few more benefits of a replacement solid roof...

A replacement solid roof features a combination of solid and glass panels, a hybrid if you like. The glazed facets are high performance and come in various colours, a choice of U-Values, and with light rejection properties. We finish it in a modern grey colour, which unfailingly suits most design schemes and property architectures.

Since we first started selling replacement solid roofs, we’ve crafted them into limitless shapes and sizes. Inform us if you’d like shaped glazing to be placed somewhere within the system to enhance its appearance and collect an abundance of light in a specific spot.

Replacement Solid Roof & Frames
A replacement solid roof that’s ultra-flexible...

The configuration of your conservatory will decide the pitching of the replacement solid roof, which can be anything between 5 – 40.9°. From that, it means it can be suitable for low-pitched or lean-to conservatories and extensions.

Let it be stressed that our replacement solid roof system has been independently fire tested as a fully assembled structure for your safety. It’s fundamental also to assessing how the various roof components ally with each other, rather than solely on their own.

It can more than hold its own against the most extreme weather due to the strength it possesses. Using specialist software, we can assess potential wind and snow loads at your postcode and engineer the replacement solid roof to handle it over the coming years.

Replacement Solid Roof & Frames
Your replacement solid roof checklist...
Clearview’s pioneering solid roof system satisfies the full checklist of indispensable features and qualities – it offers it all!
Value For Money

Value for Money

You’ll be surprised at how affordable a replacement solid roof is. It offers unbeatable value for money and is backed by our 20 year guarantee.

Customisable Products


Design a room unique to you. With a choice of finishes, lighting and glazing, no other roofing system offers such versatility.

Lightweight Materials


The lightest replacement solid roof on the market. Making the installation quick and minimising the disruption to your home.

Thermally Efficient

Thermally Efficient

The replacement solid roof helps maintain the internal temperature in your room, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Built by Postcode

Built by Postcode

Each replacement solid roof is engineered to your postcode to withstand snow and wind loads specific to your region.

Tested & Approved

Tested & Approved

A replacement solid roof is fully compliant with Building Regulations and is structurally approved by specialist engineers.

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Want a replacement solid roof what happen’s next?

In order to help us create your ideal proposal for your new replacement solid roof, we’ll have a chat and gather a few more details. How we meet is entirely up to you – we’re totally flexible to suit your lifestyle. Just let our team know which option you prefer when we contact you.

Clearview Showroom Design Appointments

Showroom Visit

If unsure where to begin with moving forward with a replacement solid roof project, a showroom visit will bring clarity and introduce you to a few traditional and modern designs that you can explore. A specialist can give you a tour around the spaces and price up a package.

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Customer Advisor Appointment

Home Visit

Appointments can take place in your home, if you prefer, at a convenient time. Whilst settled in your cosiest armchair, let the visiting advisor go into the intricacies of a replacement solid roof conservatory installation. We keep home appointments to one hour long.

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Clearview Customers

Online Video Chat

Conversations between you and Clearview’s consultants can also be carried out remotely if you happen to have a laptop. During the online video chat, you will be given a presentation of our sophisticated design software, which gives us the capability to craft replacement solid roof conservatories digitally.

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So much more than just a showroom
We’ve got dozens of product sets, hi-tech software, colour samples, and must-read brochures to embrace and enjoy, with experts to guide you at whatever stage you’re at in your buying. Basically, there’s inspiration at every turn in a Clearview showroom.

Visit your local Clearview showroom

Now you’ve come to the end of this page with its product information, inspiration designs and innovative ideas, hopefully you’re eager to visit a Clearview showroom. It’s a great way to get a feel for what you like. And you can actually sit in a potential new living space and experience what owning our fabulous range of products is all about. You will find a huge range in a variety of colours, styles, finishes and options.

Preston Showroom

Preston Showroom

Clearview’s luxury showroom in Preston, Lancashire is located just south west of Preston near Leyland, and features the very latest home improvements including tiled roof and glass roof conservatories, orangeries, tiled roof extensions and a range of replacement windows and doors.

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Nantwich Showroom, Cheshire

Nantwich Showroom

Located on the popular Nantwich Trade Park and open seven days a week with late night opening on Thursdays until 8pm. Clearview’s Nantwich showroom features a range of bespoke conservatories, orangeries, solid roof garden rooms and our latest energy saving windows and doors.

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Warrington Showroom

Warrington Showroom

Clearview’s showroom in Warrington is located on the immensely popular Gemini Trade Park, Cheshire. Placed within close vicinity of Marks and Spencer – Clearview’s showroom houses the most revolutionary conservatories, tiled roof extensions, replacement windows and our new Forté composite door range.

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